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It’s not WHAT you’re doing that matters… May 16, 2010

…it’s how what you’re doing AFFECTS you that matters.

Where are activities, beliefs, people, your ‘story’ a decoy to what is true in you??

Holding secrets, (not the kind I was referring to in my last post), or being true to who you really are, being less than real to yourself, or the ones you love about WHO you are, is antithetical to a true spiritual life.

Just thinking.

As we ‘expand’ and move into our hearts, being less than who we really are feels as awful as mosquito bites all over our body or swimming with rats. (I don’t enjoy rats in any manner).

Where might we tap into what we might fuel ourselves with ALL by ourselves, (hint, generated through heart focus) rather than trying to get seeming ‘goodies’ through others, or chasing after empty sources which we work to embue with meaning.

I’m not sure how to be much clearer at present. I know that something bigger than my mere human self is key for this expansion and goal toward self actualization, moving more into my spiritual self.

My heart tells me so. My ego works to refute that and more.

Ahhh well. Be that as it may. I’ll continue to speculate, though, Proust said it quite well.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

BB Webb


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