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It’s not WHAT you’re doing that matters… May 16, 2010

…it’s how what you’re doing AFFECTS you that matters.

Where are activities, beliefs, people, your ‘story’ a decoy to what is true in you??

Holding secrets, (not the kind I was referring to in my last post), or being true to who you really are, being less than real to yourself, or the ones you love about WHO you are, is antithetical to a true spiritual life.

Just thinking.

As we ‘expand’ and move into our hearts, being less than who we really are feels as awful as mosquito bites all over our body or swimming with rats. (I don’t enjoy rats in any manner).

Where might we tap into what we might fuel ourselves with ALL by ourselves, (hint, generated through heart focus) rather than trying to get seeming ‘goodies’ through others, or chasing after empty sources which we work to embue with meaning.

I’m not sure how to be much clearer at present. I know that something bigger than my mere human self is key for this expansion and goal toward self actualization, moving more into my spiritual self.

My heart tells me so. My ego works to refute that and more.

Ahhh well. Be that as it may. I’ll continue to speculate, though, Proust said it quite well.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

BB Webb


The flavor of change and connection really.

Curiously the number of readers of this blog are growing and I’m this morning wondering who you are? Where do you come from, what sparks your fancy?

I’m readying for an adventure….in about a week and a half, an adventure different from the day-to-day adventures that fill my life.

I’ll be going away….it’s a secret where, just because.

I had a former boyfriend, an endlessly tall man with a Romanesque nose that I adored, large hands and a body that could move like a sailboat in the wind. Yes, he could dance too and he introduced me to ‘The Cars’ and that’s pretty darn special.

This man taught me something I’ll never forget. (He also penned me ‘BB’ all those years ago). As an emotional Italian man, he shared,

‘you have to keep one part of yourself JUST to yourself….hold a place that no one can see, no one knows, not even your closest friend or lover.’

For as transparent as I am here or certainly with close, close friends, (not as much with family….black sheep thing and all), there is that place inside that really only me and I would imagine God know about. And we talk alot, God and me. He gets me….better than I get me really.

Wiley Pete needs no protected spot.

And I like having that protected spot. It’s an ‘allowing’ sort of place, it allows for expansion and that is ALWAYS what I crave.

So, I’ll be headed out awhile, a comely livestock ‘sitter’ tending the four footers and the two with gills. And I suspect all manner of things will twist and turn and bring me to some new places. And that’s exactly why I go away from time to time.

So, I’m readying the home front, getting the new team members at Carl House up to snuff, (cool expression though haven’t a CLUE where it came from. Perhaps you know).

So, if you are so daring, share a thought, an opinion here. I’d be delighted with some back and forth.

Petey at Large

And speaking of those private places, how hidden we can be behind our computers….ready, gleaning all manner of things ’round the Universe, in our jammies, sipping tea as we render thoughts or merely take in the PLETHORA of information available at certainly MY painted fingertips.

I’m raring for change….

And my kitties, sprawled out on the top of my sofa where I sit….Wiley Pete insistent on ‘kneading me’…I continue to gently push him aside, those pesky claws hurt, so he then leans on me and does that famous head butt. They like routine these furry ones, they like my company, to be fed regularly and to go in and out and in and out and to sleep on my clothes. Simple and lovely.

My world, it swirls about a bit more.

I relish positive change and connections to folks, all the stuff of adventuring about!

Soooo…..stay tuned…adventures and expansion afoot!

BB Webb