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Weary Yet Fortified…My Expanding Universe! May 11, 2010

Ahhhh….transition of the most effective kind….pulling out weeds from my garden, which (unless they are edible), do little to enhance the scenery, my garden, or in this case, my business. I feel full of purpose this morning.

Fuel and Movement....let it flow.

I worked a momumental 34 hours in 2 and a half days, not unusual, but the type of work was….back on the front line of my business for a spell, on my feet racing around, up, down and around for hours and hours, training side by side my new folks, coaching the older ones to new structures and order. I prefer writing if I am to work those hours, or managing details from my laptop…..organizing and creating new ‘stuff’….but, sometimes this I find is called for….all to a determined and resolute end.

I am cleaning house….and I find I’m quite good at that when I apply myself. And applying I am. I am taking no prisoners. I know how ‘things’ must fit, it is not unlike fashioning a puzzle. The process full of tornado energy fueled by great lightning impulses for change and movement. Ooooh, I feel it, I am unstoppable!

I have preferences, everyone knows it. I’m a bully for close to perfection and in the same way which I’ll protect an employee if bullied by a rude and uncaring client, I protect my clients and guests so they are served to the nth degree. (I don’t know what the ‘nth’ degree is, but it portends magnitude….my meaning here for sure)!

And this weekend, with newness afoot and much enthusiasm….there was indeed a lot to pay attention to and some near falls caught by me, as I know these ropes. So, I played every role I know except financial wizard, (that’s Lois’ job…and she performs it well, thus, she’s named, ‘The Hammer’ as she knows how to protect my business (and me) from financial sabotage).

An Expanding Universe as Are We!

And I am learning that as well. Pull the weeds of non-fit or ineptitude. Hurry them along on their way but not to play in my garden. There is enough to do in organizing and manifesting desires in the day-to-day operations of a growing business I find.

So, I am focused like a laser beam, playful still to a degree, but I am taking big, determined steps. And please, be careful not to step in front of me as I might inadvertently walk over you or worse, step on you. Sorry about that…I don’t mean to….I just know myself. When determined, I have a KEEN sense of direction and certainly drive.

I know what needs to be done and though this is not a role I can play at all times, (the doing part or even this arranging, as I’m eager soon to have a team who is as clear and adept), I know this is my job.

And the places we’ll go. And are. It’s exciting. Check lists, processes being designed, procedures to be followed. Ooooh, the harping by mentors past I hear. I am in full force, doing as instructed and they would no doubt be proud. I on the other hand am thankful to see the necessary path for where I’m headed. Once I am clear, I’m like a Sherman Tank….onward ho.

And, I’m for sure weary, but in a good way as things are moving forward….’as if’ as if ANYTHING were and IS possible.

As surely as ‘thoughts are things’ (was it Norman Vincent Peale who rallied those words), so too are my ideas…..taking form and shape as I write…

There is time to rest another day….and to play….and to look back with a smile to all the chaos and angst of these last years. The people who have come and gone, the ones still in my heart because that’s just the way it is with some folks, there is a connection of sorts that’s unexplainable….whether they to me matters not…some people just appear on my radar for a spell….some longer.

With others, a thank you for most of all the lessons learned, how they have served me in ways. And yes, some I’m most happy to see gone, lessons learned perhaps, but urgh, some people leave a vile taste in my mouth even after they’ve been gone a long time.

(it’s then I bring out my sage stick and burn away….I have no room for funky, sour energy, it’s not compatible with my spirit).

Though I let the certain ones go who seem no longer to have an interest in my particular world, I welcome them to do as they please, (of course), but hold a lovely place in my heart, for only a few, to return should they choose.

But, I will be changed somewhat….as that is what I do, and might I add, I do it well. I grow and change and unfold like a flower, tree, cat with an apparent 9 lives…..dying periodically to only blossom again… it should be.

I don’t like Facebook, as I don’t particularly care to ‘re-connect’ to my past much. I am a ship sailing forward, not inclined to spend any time in reverse.

And, I was reminded today, by our very Universe,
‘For the earnest student, BB, taking responsibility means never forgetting to have fun.’
Seriously, The Universe

Well, surely!

And when this journey hits a finishing point, on this particular plain, might I be a dogwood tree or at least my ashes put beneath one when I die.

BB Webb


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