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Exploring the Possibilities

The Nature of Man May 7, 2010

Okay….women too.

I’m sitting this morning readying for a 5 event weekend at Carl House….(a big thank you for that)….I’m wondering why we all tend to rally to defense instead of work to see another’s point of view.

I’m no doubt guilty at times here as well.

What is it we feel we need to defend? Being right?

Might we consider instead to be loving, instead of the desire to always be RIGHT.

Many a relationship would be better served, could we but embrace that perspective, no doubt.

It’s a gorgeous day and indeed there is a boatload of things to be grateful for in this day.

For instance, that yellow dog with black tinted ears who guards me outside the big doors in my bedroom. He knows only to be loving that one. A protector, a loving sweet doggie soul.

Animals are great teachers in many things, should we pay attention, notice.

Consider your heart today….it truly need be the master to your mind.

BB Webb


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