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Losing Sometimes Isn’t So May 6, 2010

I’ve been wading through more choices lately.

People are people and we have differences.

I am learning, after living all these years, to perhaps let go a bit more easily.

But, in certain areas, it’s not my nature. For as many changes as I initiate and with all my moving about, varied experiences, relationships that come and go, career choices…I somehow thought I might be better at this.

But I’m not….yet.

I’m not sure why, but this all makes me rather sad this evening.

So, I sit with the sadness of it all.

And that is what it is.

Nothing to do but be with it while it’s here.

And I know eventually these feelings will be replaced with something else.

In time, everything always is….in time.

It’s not about fight as much as surrender.

And I find that losing, sometimes isn’t so.

BB Webb


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