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The Road Less…Stingy April 22, 2010

I’m pondering abundance this evening. My own, or lack of it…it thought, forgiveness, awareness, understanding, passion, stamina, love.

Again, energy. This thought around what we attract, where we focus our attention is fascinating me. I’m experimenting, both with my habitual tendencies and a practice in doing things differently. I relish the ‘differently’ most of all these days!

Oh the pull of patterns is strong, but I venture to say my will, when I am clear, is stronger. In those moments anything is possible.

My goal….as always, to wake up a bit more, find a measure of peace, live within a feeling of heart and passion……but never mind all that.

If we are all indeed connected, (I say that and in bits and spurts really GET it and in others am entirely confounded), if we are indeed all connected, I might consider how everyone in my life is in someway a reflection of me and I to them. Think on that a moment should you dare.

And with that, my heart grows full and I realize that everything is just as it should be….always.

From The Red Shoes, (1948)

When Moira Shearer’s character was asked by Anton Walbrook’s character, ‘Why do you want to dance?’

Her response was, ‘Why do you want to live?’

That probably says it all.

Less stingy is therefore, full. Full of all there is to be full of!

Abundance. Passion. Curiosity. Perhaps ornary-ness at times. No need to judge. It’s just all part of the grand dance.

A bun dance!

Shall we dance?

BB Webb


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