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Exploring the Possibilities

Awake From A Dream And Back Again April 19, 2010

I awoke, recently….with this paragraph steaming through my head.

‘And so you should… ever greater authenticity.

….and always a connection to heart, which to me, is imagining the walk in another’s shoes while standing solidly in your own. Listening for what you don’t yet realize. Being open to the breath and wisdom between thoughts.

Compassion is strength, mind is the servant to the heart.

Anything less is nearing fraud, certainly misery.

Our nature IS to be loving, but we’ve somehow mucked it up and confused it with the herd mentality of our times.

There are other ways to live.’

And then I fell back asleep. For a long, long, looooong time.

I can feel the ‘coconut’ cracking.

That’s a good thing!

BB Webb


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