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Why I Like People April 17, 2010

Often they are loveable.

They are FULL of surprises.

They come in many colors.

They make me laugh.

They can make me sad or upset, making my laugh feel even better!

They can be fun to go on short and long trips with.

Sometimes they laugh at my jokes.

They can think up fun stuff for us to do together.

When they make me mad I usually get over it.

They help me see how I want to be.

They help me see how I don’t want to be.

They can make good friends.

Some know how to play music or garden better than me.

I get to eat their vegetables.

Some people can let you down and then return shiner than before.

They do stupid things making me not feel so stupid about some of the stuff I do.

Some are really nice to look at.

Some have terrific smiles.

Some surprise me with how smart and kind they can be.

Some teach me tricks, new ways to tie a bow, or how to make pie.

Others show me how to display new and different cheeses on a pretty platter to share with guests.

I like seeing all the things that people are good at.

I like to see how confident some people are, even when I don’t agree with them.

I like when some people agree with me.

I like when people don’t agree with me and we laugh til we fall off the sofa about it.

I like when some people get really serious about things, or when they don’t.

I especially like the ones who like animals the way I do.

Some are fun to dance with though not many I’ve met.

I like the ones who can talk as fast as me.

I like the ones who don’t feel the need to talk as fast as me.

I really like the ones who don’t mind hearing the stories I tell twice,

or who like to listen to the stories I write and don’t mind if I act out certain scenes.

Today I’m focusing on the people I like.

I prefer that to not liking people.

I figure we’re all doing the best we can.

People who love math mesmerize me.

Or the ones who are good parents or who don’t need much sleep.

I like to watch people in movies much more than people in the circus.

Old people are often very cool, and people under 3 feet tall,

though I probably will always relate a bit better to my dogs.

So, yes, I keep a window open for good people to show up,

and for good things to flow through to me.

It’s fun knowing some people for years and years, sometimes growing closer to them.

Sometimes you just don’t but like them anyway.

Probably if I got to know you, I might find something to like as well.

I’ll consider that I might.

Maybe. Maybe!

BB Webb


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