BB Webb as BB Webb!

Exploring the Possibilities

Necessary Suspicion April 15, 2010

Or…..tales from the Biz Crib…..


With her body taut, her eyes peered right,

Captivated yet ready for flight,

She measured the moves made by this man,

Wondering was he solid or lose like sand,

Snake oil he sold, good for the skin,

It could make you look pretty, make you thin,

With his ample charm and ready wit,

Could she trust his jargon, the tales he knit,


Something feels fishy he’s just too sure,

He’s not really present to me or to her,

He’s busy building his pile of gold,

Parading, strutting ’round the crowd, he’s bold!

Though that oil seems cool and he’s something to watch,

I don’t feel trusting, think I’ll keep my purse locked,

Necessary suspicion has me suspended here,

I’m going to trust my gut cause it all feels queer.’


And when I awoke from the dream that I had,

My mind, heart and soul felt everso glad,

A business experience to call my own,

how thankful I am to arrive safely home.


Tune in, trust your gut!


Always leave an opening for change…

that you MIGHT be wrong,

for people to surprise you,

AND, for good to flow through.

Always, go for the gold, the good and the glory of growth!

It’s flawless!

BB Webb