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Don’t be afraid to rally… April 3, 2010

For whatever cause which you feel needs rallying.

I’ve quite a few frankly.

Yet another problem caused by deforestation!

Though my dogs have plenty of trees to occupy them where we live,
I’ve got another bee or two in my bonnet, demanding I take action.

Consider, how do you work to evolve the world into a place and space where you’d most like to live?

I like trees, I like clean air, the freedom to create and fair laws to allow me to pursue business pursuits which create jobs and services to help others.

My government has sadly let me down…so, it’s time to initiate some positive change.

If I don’t, who will?

Don’t be afraid to create a scene, just be sure your intent is clear and that it’s a cause worth fighting.

Moving from a few years of crashing train wrecks and nose dives, I can better decifer where I need to rally verus merely step away. Knowing when to respectfully move away and shift your focus is as important as knowing when to rally forth to initiate positive change.

While expressing gratitude for EVERY experience which comes your way, consider how you might discern for yourself where your attention is best spent, who is contributing positively to your life and certainly, where further action is called for….and march on my friend, rally forth when needed.

And should your cause capture my rally-bone as well, I’ll gladly march by your side.

Don’t sit there, rise up from the dead if you feel so called! Be your OWN champion!!

And oh, speaking of which, Happy Easter if that shoe fits!

BB Webb


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