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Real Friends. March 29, 2010

Have your back.

Don’t walk away when things get tough.

Take responsibility for their part of an issue.

Tell the truth, even when it’s scary to tell the truth.

Honor you by showing up.

Take a hit for you at times.

Can listen to the truth, even when it”s hard to hear.

They don’t bullshit you.

They wouldn’t THINK of bullshitting you.

A friend is a not-for-profit entity!

A friend will say they’re sorry, if they’ve at times been less than a friend.

And a friend forgives.

A friend forgives another friend, in time.

Even when the other friend has been less than friendly.

A real friend helps to guide a real friend into their very best self.

And they intend ALWAYS, the highest good.


Learning to be a real friend is a process.

To be a real friend takes courage!

Uncanny courage.

How good a friend are you?

BB Webb


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