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The Incredible Light-Bright-Fightness of BE-ing March 21, 2010

…or in my case, ‘BB-ing’!

We all see through different lenses. I’ve escaped my 3 most pressing issues (and they are not small, to me) for a fortnight. Leaving town a moment with conversations and visits with a friend help to bring a momentary escape and rest to my brain. I’m thankful for that.

This flat, in a not too far away city, is lovely, with all the needed amenities and shops and restaurants within walking distance. I love being in the city. I look forward to simplifying parts of my life over the next 3 years, while adding other more desired complexities….all a part of the expansion process of bringing perhaps a lightness, brightness to every day, every moment.

I am in training for this very way of being.

My conflicts are in dealing with people mostly, institutions with a different world view from mine. Some battles I’d prefer to not engage in though, in being a member of my culture, society, I have little choice as I certainly cannot ignore some issues which threaten my world, or those who I care for or love. My journey is possibly leading me toward an alignment with folks who feel more like members of a ‘tribe’ who I understand and resonate with a bit more.

I’ve been around very smart or very intuitive, or very creative, or very spiritual, or very sensitive or very heartful people and sometimes folks with a combination of the aforementioned. I’m finding just because a person is great at one thing, they may not be as aware in another, of course. As obvious as that might seem, I forget and sometimes becomes less understanding of this lack of awareness in areas I admire and hope to mirror in my life.

I’m however training as a triathlete….in regard to ways of being in the world to which I hope to evolve and model. And, I have some good mirrors in a few friends who reflect back to me when I’m not being so. It’s often difficult to see, to truly SEE oneself.

I value their perspectives though know it’s up to me how to discern ANYthing which comes my way. That is MY responsibility, solely…and yes, souly.

I don’t yet have a definition for these ‘attributes’ or a name for the combination of what they might be, but I can feel when I begin to embrace them. It feels a bit more like the Kandinski art to the left…passionate, bright, buoyant, colorful, free!

I have greater compassion for others and the conflicts I feel in my life as I begin to see or imagine the glasses through which these other folks view the world. They are often not the glasses with which I see the world, though there might be aspects I admire or certainly can adopt and learn from as I choose.

It is the combination of visions which most inspire me. To be merely good at business with out a spiritual outreach in my soul or to not exercise my compassion or heart in all areas of my life, does little for me.

Might my actions showcase these very beliefs….certainly better than my words.

Though I’ve felt recently the steel edge of difference in dealing with institutions and people from a variety of orientations of life. (with the Kandinski to the right making me want to numb out from time to time, and make a martini instead)!!!!!!

Yet, and with more seriousness, I continue to feel there is a way to live my life with authenticity, passion and resolve, knowing my boundaries, what I will and won’t embrace….with acceptance of others and where they might find themselves in life!

This perhaps is a lifelong mission but a worthy one I feel.

And that’s possibly the or ‘a’ key, again, ‘for me’, as I work toward more bright and light and less fight. May a greater mindfulness of my choices create less need for adversity, but represent the world I wish to create and inhabit…with ease God, with ease.

It’s all afterall perspective, huh!?

Yet, and as always, my search is really, and always, for home.

BB Webb


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