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Karma and Her citizens March 16, 2010

I was ‘speaking’ with a friend via email, as so many of us do these days, actual dialogue, with intonations, breaths and audible sighs a faded memory in some cases. A travesty to a trained actress and a great challenge to a writer. How do we most effectively express what is in our hearts? I think I have more actual dialogues with my pets than I do with people some days….but that is not the subject of this blog post.

Karma. One decision, a string of actions followed by consequences, all for perhaps the evolving of our souls. Heady stuff that.

Though I do relish the thought that if I am aware, whatever happens to me acts like a direction signal to an opportunity to express some greater good. Though of course there are those errors in decision which we all make. Are they not perhaps the seasoning in the soup of existence, salts and sugars, bitter herbs and pungent thoughts.

So karma….and her citizens, her citizens perhaps the thoughts, bi-products of our actions. I might hire incorrectly, create a string of annoying events which ultimately create a stir within me giving birth to a cause to serve all of mankind.

Who knows. My brain feels so under used most days….my consciousness yearning for expansion.

And then some days, like today, I came home weary from this and that and instead of heading to the gym or plowing into more work and creation of one thing or another, I chose a nap.

Karma….and her citizens, some which encourage rest for there is so MUCH to do in one lifetime and some days the mortal in me reigns.

BB Webb


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