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The Scary Monster March 1, 2010

When I was a little girl, when everyone still called me, ‘Barbie Sue’, I believed in scary monsters.

They lived in my basement, (which if you read my earlier post, I was extremely scared of), and they hung out in my bedroom closet. I would lie (or is it lay)?? quietly in my bed, covers over my head, considering if I could build a secret trapdoor where I might stealthfully slip under the bed, (which of course had protective doors where the dust ruffles were), which I closed and LOCKED, while closing the trap door above. I had enough room to not sit up but prop my head up to and play cards if my friend Ann Murray was spending the night and equally spooked by the ghouls in my closet.

We would keep snacks down below, a flashlight, cards, (Old Maid and the regular ones for Gin Rummy) and maybe a book, though only the ones with lots of pictures. Oh, and a can of soda pop or if mom didn’t get any that week, a little bottle of orange juice was good too. Definitely poptarts.

Well, I’m still afraid of some monsters, but they come in slightly different clothing these days. I had one come to my business just awhile back and he’s predicted to return tomorrow. He’s nasty in many ways, sneaky, smelly for sure, his grammar is bad and he likes to surprise me with mean phone calls or by showing up and threatening me with things only a monster could conjure up.

I realized the first time he visited that he was sort of like the wolf who showed up at Little Red Riding Hood’s house….he seems so friendly. But ooooh, these monsters, they are very skilled in their monster-y ways. It wasn’t til LATER that I realized I had to watch my back, take a breath in his smelly presence or he might eat me right up. Hurt me.

I think these monsters must go to Monster College because they really have a knack for what they do.

But tomorrow I’m prepared. I haven’t needed to build a fort as I’m not hiding this time. I’ve decided to face this sneaky, sniveling creepy, hairy, meanie monster. I think if I stand strong he might slow his roar, or when he sees I have support all around me and that I have carefully prepared for this stalking that he does, oh, I bet HE’LL be surprised. I might even growl back. I’ve been practicing. (It’s a little fun to tell you the truth).

I really just want him to leave me alone and let me get back to business. I may need to throw cookies outside my door to coax him along. Though honestly, I’d really like to hang him by his hairy, smelly feet!

BB Webb


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