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Alan Rickman and Daniel Day Lewis February 26, 2010

Alan Rickman

Daniel Day Lewis

Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon

Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Colonel Brandon in Jane Austin’s ‘Sense and Sensibility’ is legendary. His absolute affection and devotion to young and naive Marianne, (played by Kate Winslet), is heart wrenching, especially as he watches her waste her attention with the dashing and unworthy Willoughby.

Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans

And then Daniel Day Lewis, good Lord he’s the epitome of ‘manly’ in his role in ‘Last of the Mohicans’. Fighting for what he feels is good and true, a warrior with no fear, passionate in a way that, oh please God, let that kind of passion, care and attention to a woman truly exist somewhere on the planet! Damn!

Or for that matter, a woman holding a man so dear.

Both great actors.

I DO believe that life can be more beautiful than fiction. Why not?

Just daydreaming a spell!

BB Webb


5 Responses to “Alan Rickman and Daniel Day Lewis”

  1. sandrene vicente Says:

    this actor is pretty amazing!! i salute you Prof. Severus Snape =)

  2. RFM Says:

    Hi – I was checking on Mr. Rickman as I had heard that he was turning 65. When I Googled, I stumbled across your blog which included both Mr. Rickman and Mr. Day-Lewis and simply had to email a friend about what you’d written. My comments to her are below::

    “Hi A. – You know that sound that Homer makes when he sees a doughnut and starts drooling? Yeah – that’s the sound I was just making (and not because I’m staring at my slice of carrot cake from Whole Foods where the cake is so expensive, I can’t afford a whole one, which is a good thing since I have no self-control. I never liked carrot cake before – wasn’t into the veggie-as-star-of-a-dessert, but now…). No, I was drooling because of the pic of Alan Rickman shown (click on the link (he should always have that beard) and the description of that deerskin-clad hunk who is about the only person I would sleep next to on the bare ground in a forest due to my intense dislike of insects.

    So I heard that Alan is turning 65, which means he’s in his early 40’s when he does Diehard, and doesn’t look much older when he’s in Emma or Truly, Madly, Deeply. Of course I googled him and this lovely blog comes up where she’s drooling over the two of them (mostly Daniel). However, she didn’t mention that beautiful hair that he seems to insist on cutting off lately. A., didn’t you say he should’ve gotten an Oscar for the mane that always looked good even when running, fighting, and being manly all over the frontier? It was prettier than the female lead’s! So I guess I shouldn’t mention that movie came out in ’92. How would you spell that sound Homer makes?”

    My friend wrote me back to say that, yes, it was so bouncy and shiny it should have received some sort of recognition at the Academy Awards. I told her don’t forget about the fullness and curl. I had to have the last word, because, as she reminded me, she’s seen Alan on stage. In London.

    • BB Webb Says:

      It’s ALWAYS good to meet a die hard fan!! Two great ones they are, they are!! Thanks for popping in!

      Any favs from last evenings Academy Awards? Kate Blanchett and Helen Mirren are two of mine and I’m not sure who doesn’t like Colin Firth. Those Brits!

  3. RFM Says:

    Sorry about the Jane Austen faux pas in my comment. Of course, I meant “Sense and Sensibility”. It’s just that Mr. Knightly and Colonel Brandon are favorite characters and there was that flurry of Austen adaptations…

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