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What choice have we… February 13, 2010

“If I could persuade myself that I should find God in a Himalayan cave I would proceed there immediately. But I know that I cannot find God apart from humanity.” ~ Gandhi

I don’t think I’d enjoy a Himalayan cave, but I think we need to find our own ‘caves’ of sorts when dealing with humanity, our own or the vast array of people we interact with…to remember what we stand for, to remember who we are, to feel what is nurturing to us and to consider what does not serve us well.

And that which does not serve us well….it needs to be tossed out like moldy bread from the fridge. It’ll do nothing but make you sick.

Champion your cause. There is no one better than you to celebrate you OR to manifest your cause. Get on it!

BB Webb


2 Responses to “What choice have we…”

  1. Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    This Blog is a repository of hope and experiential opportunity.

    BB appears to challenge many causes.

    More people need to rally to hers.

    I see you growing out, less so than up, Ms. Webb.


  2. BB Webb Says:

    Or rather than rally to my cause or causes…for each of us to find our own. And yes…I think we’re all here to experience our own potential, possiblity and ultimately, expansion. And maybe, just maybe to accept WHATEVER comes our way as a gift to help us do so. All gifts.

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