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Gratitude and Heart February 11, 2010

I have a variety of pals, some close, some I see only now and again and some who cross the border of service provider and someone who I am friendly with. I’ll count my new massure/energy healing goddess as one. A new acquaintance who like me, studied energy healing with the oh so gifted Dr. Fernand Poulin.

I spoke of Janice Davey’s* gifts a few weeks ago. Walking into her healing room is like walking into what I imagine heaven to be like. The aromas are intoxicating, her table has flannel sheets on it and heating pads, candles burn throughout the room, her walls drip with symbols of spirit and magical forces unseen, the lights are low and the most lovely music plays as if it’s falling from the ceiling in droplets. Immediately I can feel my body remembering what I need to do to take better care of it. Breathe! Listen. Allow. And bring all the light I can imagine into my body. Do what I know to do.

I spent two hours with Janice this evening and left feeling as though 20 pounds of heaviness, attachments to issues, people, circumstances just flowed to the ground, making great compost, my ‘shit’ making healthy fertilizer to grow great things.

This is why I could never hate. I get angry at people, disappointed more often, certainly sad and judgmental, though I try not to, but I can’t hate…I see the humanness within everyone and feel compassionate around that. Because I see me in them. In anyone, I can see me.

I consider then how I might be drawn to a person or how they might be drawn to me. We are mirrors to one another and what we aspire to be, or what we want to move away from. It’s perfect, beautiful really. Look at who you find in your life today.

(I’m smiling as I acknowledge the large, yellow snoring dog with big brown eyes rimmed in what looks like eyeliner, lying on my bed to the left. This boy of mine knows all ABOUT heart. He’s got a huge one this four footer has)!

And as I go about my days and weeks, I come into contact with all manner of business folks, government employees, successful driven entrepreneurs, overwhelmed employees, post office mavens. Sadly I feel a diminished feel around their heart. I feel and really see it all when I tune in. I ‘see’ many other things, mind control, discipline, ego, defensiveness, wanting to please, unconsciousness.

I feel a bit uncomfortable sharing all that, as I don’t mean to be negative or judgmental, it’s just what I sense. My abilities as an energy healer were more in sensing. My teacher and other students could SEE energy patterns, I sense them and am more often than not, right on. This is how remote healing can work as well.

But I stray off topic here. I realize in feeling, sensing what is missing to me, that to nurture real and ripe connections to other human beings, we need to first tune into our hearts and remember what we stand for. Who am I? Is this a rightful action? How might I contribute in a positive way to whatever scene I find myself in?

When I can be in that space, (and there are ways I know how to get myself there), I feel solid, grounded and in a place where I can love what ‘is’. Period. Bless it, thank it, appreciate it and if I’m smart, (and I am), learn from it. And, I do, again and again and again.

I am filled with gratitude this evening for remembering this. I always have a choice. I can be a model of what I feel is loving, giving, compassionate, true, honorable. And then I shall contribute to an ocean of energy waves which might, might influence someone else who is living just from their mind. And that means sharing my truth when I feel it’s necessary, (that usually reserved for the folks I hold most dear). For now.

Consider dropping into your heart several times a day. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means…just consider ‘dropping in’. Start tomorrow. Set your phone to go off every hour as a reminder! Honestly, it’ll change how you do things, how you treat people, how you feel and it could turn the world upside down in a millisecond if we all did it at once.

My Valentine’s gift to the world this year will be remembering to be the model of such behavior. I am grateful for remembering that I have the choice in this moment, when I’m angry, when I’m sad, when I’m overwhelmed, to drop in, just drop in to my heart.

And so it is! (Thank you Janice, truly)!

BB Webb

To contact Janice Davey (highly recommended by me) email her at You’ll be delighted that you did!!


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