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Who DO you trust? February 10, 2010

People are so entirely fallible. I can live with that. What is harder is when they seem content or unaware within their own deep seated illusions. Or when I endeavor to tune into ‘heart’ and hear only static, or worse, nothing.

I like talking about the elephant in the room. He’s there, taking up space, altering the conversation, affecting the ether.

Soon I will get to speak more publically about what I sense in the ether. I’ll endeavor to exercise my greatest compassion, as I have that, while doing so.

I feel there is such a freer, more heartful way to live than what I experience with most people, smart, accomplished, interesting men and women. I hold the greatest hopes for an unfolding within them which makes sense to me, but that’s me wanting it all my way, again.

Some folks simply fall off my radar, they don’t hold up in the vibration which I maintain or to which I aspire.

And I miss them so much when I first leave.

Fine people all, in one regard or another.

I trust in God and the God spirit within me. That’s about it.

Nevertheless, I always hold a spot in my heart in which to be surprised. People can surprise you…in a good way sometimes.

In the meantime, I’ll keep looking up!

BB Webb


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