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Feng Shui Your Way to A Better Life….. February 9, 2010

You can, you can… will at least support your intention. I was reminded today about what I experienced and learned after visiting Hong Kong years ago. The art and placement of objects within a home is most seriously considered in the Chinese culture. And the horror stories related to not following the principles are incredible. Conversely, the stories shared when aspects in a home or business were shifted was quite interesting as well.

It’s all a part of constructing the life you want, or as I like to say, ‘or better, or better God, better!’

I’ve put together many, many living and work spaces, some with just bricks and wood boards for book shelves, colorful Indian blankets as wall art, makeshift homes or temporary living spaces while I traveled all the way to ‘getting to’ design my current home and spaces like my very own Carl House home and business. It’s so much fun and I clearly, CLEARLY have my preferences! Indeed I do.

Every action, every choice matters, makes a difference. I am adamant about my team at work tending to those details, the lights, the music, the smell, the FEEL of the space within Carl House. We are afterall selling the experience WITHIN this home and I know how important those details are whether anyone directly NOTICES them or not. THEY MATTER.

Lester and Annie, adding to the good Chi in my home!

The fabric on the wall, the use of water elements, pets, burning REAL logs in a fireplace, the use of mirrors, things which reflect light, how corners are handled, the placement of furniture, smells, textures, COLORS! I don’t go wild with charting every inch of my house but I do know that when I keep moving things around, something needs to change.

I don’t like how my bedroom currently feels. Burnt orange on the walls is not right. I’m thinking more a shade of green, a heart color.

It is in the ‘love/marriage’ corner of my home and well, in that it’s mostly me and my resident animals filling the room most evenings, maybe I do need to consider THAT fact and shift a few things should I want varied results!

My headboard for one is all wrong. The fabric I brought home from Bali helps and my bathroom is perfect, I can feel it, but I may need to repaint my bedroom, shift the bed to a new position, bring in some different furniture perhaps. It’ll be fun….with all my spare time. (I’m laughing). And I LOVE buying furniture, in fact, excel at it, old furniture at unbelievable prices. The right pieces just find me.

Consider the areas in your life which aren’t working well. Then look at your home with relation to a good feng shui guide. Just get curious. If the foundation in your home is cracked, how are your relationships, if your finances are in grave jeopardy, what’s happening in those designated feng shui areas of your home.

Happy Marriage? Hmmmmmm?

I brought a painting home from a trip to Hong Kong years ago. I was married then. The writing spelled out in Chinese, ‘Happy Marriage’. I later learned after my marriage failed, that I had the damn thing upside down.

Well, certainly there were other factors, but you get my point.

I live in a very happy house with lots of big tall windows, paintings and photographs throughout of places where I’ve traveled, of people I love, candles, crystals which reflect light, a fish tank with a very plump goldfish named Fritz, (who’s really a girl), (see ‘A Room of One’s Own’). I buy flowers or pick them from my garden in the summer every week. It makes a difference. I avoid too much clutter and honestly, express gratitude for this space EVERY morning when I awake. I LOVE it here….(and yeah, I’ll work on that dang bedroom soon)!

My 10 year old psychic buddy says that ‘happy people live in Ms. BB’s house’ And, indeed they do.

And I thank God for their presence each and every day.

Fun link here….. now go play….it’s SO much fun!

BB Webb


5 Responses to “Feng Shui Your Way to A Better Life…..”

  1. Carey Says:

    Greetings and Salutations. I randomly stumbled upon your blog while perusing Chagall paintings for my desktop picture. Lovely synchronicity. Thanks for your creative thoughts and insights. Most inspiring. Have you by any chance read The Principles of Uncertainty? If you haven’t, I recommend it highly . . . it’s by the artist Maira Kalman.

  2. BB Webb Says:

    Well hello Carey! I’m glad you popped in AND I thank sincerely for the introduction to Maira Kalman. I’m already LOVING her work. For a moment she reminds me of Brian Andreas and his ‘Storypeople,’ lovely art with prophetic short stories. I’m eager to read ‘Principles of Uncertainty’. I can tell already that Maira Kalman is someone I’d like to meet.

    And, I adore Chagall’s work, immensely! Have you a favorite painting of his?

    Warmly, BB Webb

    • Carey Says:

      Hello, yourself! Glad you are enjoying the art by Maira Kalman. She would, I agree, be a delightful soul to meet, perhaps for tea in Paris. No favorite painting by Chagall per say–but I like the blue landscape right now with the floating flowers and faces in love.

      Popped in to see if you got my previous note–glad you did–and I very much enjoyed perusing the heart-centered pieces of late. Rumi’s “Guest House” poem comes to mind . . .

      Be well and warm.

      • BB Webb Says:

        I shall look it up Carey. And do continue to share as I love learning of new works which relate to the things which matter to me, which of course are all over my blog.

        You stay warm too, and if you are in Georgia as I am, dry!!

        BB Webb

      • Carey Says:

        Thanks! I’m in Virginia . . . so, we might get more snow.
        Enjoy the Rumi.
        Take care,

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