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Our greatest gift… January 31, 2010

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
– James Baldwin, Author and Activist

Our greatest gift to ourselves and certainly to another person, is to see them spiritually….to see the person inside the humanity. This thought just lit a lightbulb in my head after sitting in meditation with a group of folks this evening (great vibe, truly) and after having a conversation with a dear friend as we discussed the evening she learned her husband was terminally ill.

I’m finding that when I view people that way, there is no anger, disappointment, expectation. I can discern who they are more carefully, graciously and generously. Life becomes soooo less personal when viewing instead people as (what I’ll call), ‘light bodies’.

When you spy upon the ‘higher self’, there is only love and forgiveness, you see your true self and the true self behind the masks and egos, fears and upholding of image which we all do. This perspective can’t help but soften even the bulliest of bullies, the undeniable deniers!

And when I remember to go there, when discerning myself or when considering another, I pray only for their ‘arriving’ into who they really are. I’m able to see those parts in people I care about deeply. Behind their ‘shades’, their rhetoric, oh I’m thinking of one dear friend’s cynicism. I laugh at it as it’s all her protective shield; we’ve all got them!
Don’t kid yourself thinking you don’t. Just be kind to yourself as you recognize them and be gentle. Humanity can be rough. Just begin to choose differently, as you are able. And ooh, be patient with yourself.

And yes, I am speaking to myself, and to whomever feels they might benefit from such a thought!

We are all but reflections of one another. Think about that….truly, do! Thank those mirrors which reflect parts of you. What a gift. And when you blame others, what part of you is in that blame…or when you admire, what part of that is just your reflection.

Look who you have attracted into your life and consider why, why? And, what do they have to teach you.

When all is said and done, at the end of our time here, with all our ups, downs, victories, defeats, when the illusion of who we think we are is again shattered, like the glass table on my outside porch which was shattered last evening, perhaps we might work toward what we really need, move into who we really ARE, with no judgement regarding the masquarade we might have lived. We’re always, always in the process of becoming.

And, the energy of living outside that truth, (a lie, if you will), will ALWAYS affect you and those around you. Look around you, your health, the foundations you’re working to build, work, home, with friends, the well being of those who surround you, or not. Are they robust, solid, grounded, truly thriving?? There’s truly no hiding though we might with good intention try, sometimes thinking we are helping others. It doesn’t work.

Living within our authenticity is the gift we give to the world, to others and the manifestation of that truth might look different from how we envisioned our life. But, try it, you’ll be surprised how peace and fulfillment will envelope you. Caroline Myss wrote about this in her beautiful book, Anatomy of the Spirit.

As threatening as that may sound, (and it does often as I move beyond my preconceived ideas of myself and my world), just sit awhile with that idea.

Perhaps it was the full moon ‘wolf’ meditation I just came from, perhaps it’s just that I’ve been praying for a larger perspective, an enlightened ‘aha’ which goes beyond my illusions, my limitations, but which hits a core of something I can really embrace and which helps me love others just as they are….that being enough. Really!

I’ll say it again, ultimately, it’s only the love that remains, should we seek that view. We need sit a moment and step beside perhaps the ‘story’ we’ve created for ourselves, the one we show the world, and trust a deeper inner vision. It’s there to see!

All our desires are worthy, who you are is splendid beyond words, and as far as being lovable, good God…yes!
Yes, yes, yes! And you should have your hearts desire….ALL of it!!

Go to sleep tonight reminding yourself of just that. Please. I will too.

And then go howl at the moon!! I promise, you’ll feel better!!

I do!

BB Webb


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