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Unprecedented Times and aren’t we indeed the beneficiaries! January 30, 2010

The Dragon and the Phoenix

Wow! NOW I’m REALLY curious.

When God wants to get your attention, dang if he/she isn’t persistent.

I’m getting it, I’m getting it….really, I am…and I’m laughing here because, damn, for a rather bright woman, I can be so slooow to catch on to some things….DAMN, stubborn as hell too, (in areas). I’m realizing how easy it is for me to get lost in what I’m wanting to create and how I THINK it should all come together. As create I must! I often miss the signs of where I’m being led, as I’m busy hanging out in the projector room, head down, putting the stills of my life together….to get my attention they often finally have to hit me on the head. Ouch!! Ha! I forget how NOT in charge I am.

Honestly, I don’t need tv or the movies, I can just look in the mirror and find ample entertainment!!!

Thank GOD I have a sense of humor or I’d no doubt be jumping off a cliff!

But I am here for some sort of purpose so I do my best to pay attention, even though I’m not always successful, at least until I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect!

So, this morning I woke to two major surprises:

One, while shuffling with my eyes half shut early this morning, headed to my back porch to feed my pups, I found that a HUGE tree in my back forest fell and missed my house by about 8 feet. WOW! 8 feet! And it was HUGE. It could have sliced my house in two. Yeah, WOW! The wind had also knocked my back porch umbrella over, flipped my glass table which is now upside down out back in thousands upon thousands of shattered remnants. Impressive!

I slept through it all!

This was emblematic somehow of the many things which have been crashing one way or another in my world and it’s become like a slideshow of interest to me, when I can sit back and be merely the observer. Things slice left and right but I’m staying fairly well in the middle of it all, despite my protests and dis-ease at times.

And then, upon waking, I remembered that I’d had a dream, or perhaps it was a vision. My dear friend Josie, who died around a month ago, I felt her and saw her during the night. She floated over me with that kind and playful smile that she has and it felt like she was stroking my hair though she was clearly in front of me, about three feet above my head. As I felt the gentleness of this mysterious touch, I heard her say,

‘Let it be easy darling and just let go, let go. It’s safe. You know exactly what to do.’

I woke up not sure if I’d time traveled somewhere in my sleep or if indeed Josie was in my bedroom visiting me in spirit form, but it was very, very real to me.

As I remembered her visit while sipping my morning coffee, looking out at the wreckage on my back porch and right next to it where that enormous tree fell, I felt a peace come over me. Something settled. I felt thankful inside. I brought to my mind all the characters who’d appeared in my personal play over the last year or two….everyone of them. I saw myself bowing to them, with thanks, in gratitude, sincerely, every single one.

And today, tonight on the full moon, I look forward to meditating and listening for what’s up to come….as I have a feeling that it’ll be unprecedented and very, very RIGHT….with less dis-ease and more ease, more fun.

And I hope for the world to be the beneficiary to my intent.

BB Webb

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2 Responses to “Unprecedented Times and aren’t we indeed the beneficiaries!”

  1. Awe, I stumbled here from Google images, and found it interesting that you wrote this over a year ago, and yet I sit in my room on my laptop reading this on a full moon night! Interesting! Magical LOVE Blessings Sj

    • BB Webb Says:

      There is just something about the dogwood tree that stops me for a moment. It’s so perfect in itself, reminding me perhaps, that we all are….perfect, just as we are! Thank you for reading! Warmly, BB

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