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Finding Home. January 24, 2010

I’ve felt a bit alien in my own skin and frankly in the world in which I live of late, astonished by what I perceive as the barren-ness of some, (I’ll call them), ‘belief systems’ I’ve encountered recently, evidenced by the people who demonstrate those belief systems by their actions. I’m not judging them, though would rather surround myself with more positive influences and energy. So, I’ve been hunting…not unlike a lioness, as I’m hungry to find my ‘tribe’.

I was at a networking last week and met a delightful woman, both an attorney, wife, mother and President of a local arts organization in her town. We are the same age and had lots to talk about even though the roles we play are rather different. There was an immediate connection and I relished it, certainly after presently feeling so dis-connected in other areas of my life.

She shared having recently read a book which talked about finding our ‘tribe’, our family outside our biological families. The people with whom we resonate, who inspire us, challenge us in supportive ways, who have our best interests in mind who as I’ve referred to in earlier blog posts, might be part of that ‘rocking chair family’ who we travel with maybe til we are ready to set into our own sunsets.

I recently came upon a quote which caught my attention:

“Our life is not a problem to be solved. There are callings to be answered and mysteries to be lived.”

Richard Leider, Author of ‘Something to Live For’

I feel those callings indeed and am circling around my domain, watching, asking questions, curious as to the plethora of feelings prompted by the many mysteries making my search for something which makes more sense to me, for living my life, and creating the world I prefer to inhabit.

With a dear friend’s visit to my home this weekend, a fellow ‘tribe member’, we have shared all manner of conversations both meaningful and fullfilling and certainly supportive of one another and encouraging to our next steps and our expanding as spiritual beings having these curious human experiences. In my search for a ‘family’ of sorts to share more like minded conversations, interests and pursuits, she introduced me to something new, a resource online to help connect folks to groups of people who have interests much like my own, or yours, close to where we live. It is called

Here you can plug in whatever interests you might have be it sports, tapestry making, religion, business interests, investing, athletic interests, metaphysics, you name it and there are people in your community who probably would enjoy meeting you.

So, I have signed up to expand my circle of connections in person, not just online, but face to face throughout the Atlanta area.

It only takes one person to impact your life in a positive way, one new spark of thinking or way of being to shift your path in a terrific way. Our resources are many. And certainly our satisfaction and joy is linked only to our ability to perceive what it is we want to create and to allow all good things in, while certainly, releasing what no longer works.

So, have at it. And good luck on your journey, may you find the people who will help you move more into who you intend to be, or rather, who you are meant to be. Allow your soul to flourish as it’s certainly meant to! The possibilities are manyfold.

And only because it’s so true and such a lovely piece of music and words….I’ll share again, (below), The Weepies song, ‘All Good Things’. Perhaps we might, with love, say good-bye to the folks who no longer fit and hello in eager anticipation of the new forces, transformations within those we love or new people, and deep and loving connections coming our way. Because, they ARE if you believe they are, and I do, despite my darkest times and biggest disappointments. I choose to focus ONLY on the love, for ultimately….ultimately, that’s all there is, if you choose it. Truly. Sleep on that one. Truly.

Or as my mother said just before dying, ‘remember the good things honey!’ And so I will and add to it, ‘and INTEND those to come.’ And so it is!

With love,

BB Webb


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