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Kathy and Mo AND Buckminister Fuller…all in a day. January 17, 2010

I was asked to be on a panel years and years ago called, ‘Creating Something From Nothing.’ I could talk about that all day.

I love to look back after a creation is complete, (or are they ever, but rather, when I am ready to move on from one), to consider where it came from, what voice, spark of inspiration, what drove it into being. I used to paint and could NEVER consider the paintings DONE, I merely had to stop as my talent knew how to only take me so far.

I’m today reading about Buckminister Fuller and wish I’d had the opportunity to sit down with him over coffee, or with Ezra Pound who he came to know. I relish expanded thinking and the folks who can speak in terms of big truths, what’s really happening, the raw, REALLY transparent dialogues. Most people are busy hiding and protecting, and I understand that too. I choose to love it all for I am as ‘on the grow’ as anyone.

In his 1970 book I Seem To Be a Verb, he wrote: “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.”

I relate well to what he says there. He had so much more to share than just his creation of the geodesic dome, which was hardly ‘just’! I’ll share more possibly on Mr. Fuller at a later date, as I am just now drinking in and enjoying his many thoughts, perspectives and ideas. New inspired thinking is like sweets, addicting and thoroughly enjoyable!

I’m considering some projects which are filling my heart, my mind, which I’m driven to explore and create. I’ve felt a noticeable shift recently, almost as though a dam, which had been curtailing movement forward, has begun to break, pieces of wood, leaves, unneeded garbage being released to allow some full monty which is in store. A different feeling for sure. I’m somehow letting go some things which ultimately don’t matter. I think as we move more resolutely and clearly within ourselves, the answers are there.

I always have stories and shows, production pieces swimming in my head…it’s just part of who I am. I lately find myself considering a live theatrical show of sorts, always with some message imbued with humor, pathos, dialogue and bits to keep folks engaged though allowing them, if I am successful in my pursuit, to take away maybe, just maybe, a worthy ‘aha’. I live for the ‘aha’….and ooooh I get them, regularly, often after great angst.

I’m finding, when I beckon something, in earnest, and if it’s meant to come my way, it always does. I’m simply allowing myself to recognize the areas that are not ready or maybe not meant to come my way. Here I get to practice a very good surrender that needs few words, though I am tempted to try to make sense of why, when I’m finding, that ‘making sense’ is not needed. I’m beginning to know this pull, (ego) and drop it. How freeing when I can!

I stumbled upon an HBO special by a dynamic duo named ‘Kathy and Mo’. Having been a solo performer a good part of my career as actress, I’m not sure how I missed them, but I did. I find their work brilliant in so many ways. Both women have superlative technique, smarts and natural instincts as actresses that blow me away. I love their topics, the humor, the way they transform, despite their sex or body type, into the most varied characters. And, they’re funny as hell.

I found the following on YouTube, one which was a part of one of their early 1990’s show. Just a taste. Fun. Funny. Honest.

I’ve a show brewing inside me and many other things. How interesting it might be to look back in about a year to see where this sneaky harbinger in time might have been leading me.

We’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t we!

BB Webb


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