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Universal Support and wah-dah-yah-wanna-create?? January 11, 2010

Mike Dooley is a genius and an inspiration. Having created, his view of the world and our Universe to me is right on. His daily ‘Tips from the Universe’ which come to me each day, are smart, fun, playful, expansive, uplifting and well, very often, ‘right on’; I celebrate his creativity and his cause.

He’s recently created a new website with a capability to create your own Dream Board, send great cards with his cool, fun, and often prophetic messages and some other things as well. Dream Boards to me can be inspiring and powerful tools really.

When looking for my home, (my present home), I knew I wanted it to be near my business, (for now). I drew out exactly what I wanted with photographs and words, high ceilings, wood throughout, (I abhor carpeting), a garage, (I’d never had one before), a space above the garage, (I should have ordered, ‘finished room’), a kitchen that overlooked a great room, (I like to be near my guests when I’m cooking or watching a movie in the background when I’m alone),

I even asked for cupboards that would have some glass on the front so my pretty, colorful dishes and tea cups could shine through….delivered,

a gas stove, (no awful electric burners), covered porches, forest, fenced in area for my animals, private, some acreage, a stream, office space and spare room, a big old tub to soak in, lots and lots and lots of windows, a place for lots and lots of gardens…a unique and rustic feel….not too big, but great for entertaining with of COURSE a fireplace or two. Spaciously cozy, comfortable, where folks would feel at home should they come visit and if I DID have a guest, they would have private quarters as I covet my privacy and alone time.

Delivered…..almost the next week. In Auburn, GA no less. I nearly fell to my knees when I ‘by happenstance’ entered this home. I KNEW it was mine, somehow rustled up the financing. My first real ‘HOME”… where I feel ‘at home’ (and I’ve lived in a zillion places)….and so do my many pets and friends who come to visit. I am so incredibly thankful. The right home, to me, can make all the difference. A sanctuary really. I value that.

What do you want to create….I ask for ‘this, or better God, or better.’ For I truly know so little and am CLEARLY not in the driver’s seat. I mean, really! But clearly, I have some influence, and well, so do you! We all do.

BB Webb


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