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Awwwww…..wing it Icarus, wing it! January 7, 2010

Diana of the 21st Century Madonna style!

I spent a time many moons ago in love with Edith Hamilton’s book ‘Mythology’ and during that time I also read lots and lots of Greek plays, many quite droll, the main premise of most stories being, ‘man suffers then he dies.’

Well, damn if that wasn’t a long time ago and our world is shifting in ways I don’t even know how to talk about yet, but it is. I may live this time through to only experience a fragment of the change, (and hope to lead that crusade, by the way), though for a spell, I loved reading about the many characters storied big and bold by Ms. Hamilton, Diana of the forest being one of my favs.

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and also of the moon. Now I could grok that gig. (Word has it, she and Adonis used to hang out by the Aegean Sea to see who could get the best tan. Really)!

Zoftig Diana from another day

I was also mezmerized by Icarus and his story. He flew too high despite his Daddy’s warning to:

‘stay low son, lest your waxy wings will melt and you will die, splat on the earth’.

And that beautiful young man did just that. Kids! Well, not splat on the ground, but he fell plunk into the sea and drowned. Poor lad.

And the moral….awww…I refute it. Fly high young lads and lassies….should you fall from the sky, from grace, from the heavens to some new spot, care not, at least you spread your wings and tried! Get up again and build a new pair…..dime a dozen those wings! The moxie comes in the getting up and out there again, to initiate love and positive change throughout the world!!

The Lament For Icarus

BB Webb


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