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5 Thoughts and One to Grow On January 5, 2010

A few thoughts hit me like water balloons to the head last evening and early this morning.

#1 JUST BE. Be what you envision, the way you view the world.

Quit with all the doing, the explaining, the effort. Be the change, the difference.

Big night really.

And then the big shazam was when I remembered, remembered mind you,
(consider the things we forget when we are tired, overcome, overworked….not inside ourselves)…..

# 2 That LESS IF OFTEN MUCH, MUCH MORE. Difficult for a mind-y, chatty woman such as myself.

And then of course there is ……#3 ‘BREATHE’…you can’t push learning, you can only create an oasis for things to grow. Projects, people, ideas, businesses…

And that the mind is limited, which leads me to……

#4: ‘LISTEN’. ‘What’? ‘Listen’. ‘Oh’. ‘It’s all there if you’ll but listen’.


Exhausting day really. But today is bound to be different. I might go about things a bit differently.

And #5 Do something sweet and thoughtful for someone and STOP BEING SO SELF ABSORBED. For a moment I felt embarrassed and then I totally cracked up and laughed at myself…because I can and it felt right.

And that lead me to one more thought…the importance of FORGIVENESS. To ourselves and to others. Planet earth is a learning ground where we practice living. Practice mind you.

So, today I might do some things differently.

Here’s to what was learned yesterday and here’s to bright tomorrows….for us all.

Why not?

BB Webb


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