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Uncertain times? It’s all in how you whistle. January 4, 2010

If we knew, KNEW, in our hearts that each hiccup, bubble and trip in our journey was taking us EXACTLY where we needed to go, why would we fret, mourn or worry?

If I’m spot on sure of my imminent expression in life, that I’ll be surrounded by the folks who matter, if in one second I say that and the next feel worry creeping upon my brow, then do I truly have the faith I say I do?

This is all the stuff of being human. We surround ourselves with certain folks perhaps to help us stay our course until, like a child confident enough to throw off her training wheels, we can then ride free ourselves. Baby birds are thrown out of nests for a reason…..’fly damn it….you can do it….just fly!’ ‘Ouch’ said the little bird who was noooot quite ready. Nonetheless, yes, that bird hit its little head and oooooh, ‘she’ll figure it out, she’s more able than she knows,’ spoke the one who assisted her spirited fall! Apparently someone had to.

This perhaps is the process of becoming, becoming until we arrive. And once having arrived, is there not somewhere new to go.

As the events of last year settle within me, the many changes, and last wind storm that knocked down a few I beams, only last week, (leveling a kind of support inside me), I know I’ll work to rebuild a sturdy foundation which might be built with slightly different materials. It’ll be made from some soul source materials, not so easily collapsable. But a building I shall go. All good, ultimately all good. I’ll see that better once I stand back a bit and better access the view.

News has it, (again, from a reliable source), I’m building a Sherman tank of sorts for myself….and when it’s completed, out of the hanger will I come, and don’t consider stopping me as I plan to relish the view and storm ahead where needed. So I’m told. And I believe. Ultimately, I believe in all manner of things.

Though, in this moment…I feel rather small. And in those moments I don’t see the mountains as well. And isn’t it the moments which construct a life, a life full of all manner of things giving it depth, breadth and beauty really. We need only stand back.

It may all just be weather, but ooooh, how cold the wind can feel from time to time and then again, (19 degrees this morning in Georgia, how appropo), how cozy when I build a fire.

And as always, how might the love inside each one of us buoy our sails so we might reflect and shine that light outward. To me, that is all that ultimately matters. It’s the getting there that takes some figuring or rather, faith. It all depends on the tune you choose to whistle.

BB Webb


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