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The Work We Do…. December 13, 2009

I’ve been fortunate that most of my life I have been able to do the sort of the work I choose. Certainly there have been jobs in the interim, short term jobs which got me from one place to another, but all fed the stream that led me to the ocean, the place where all my salty dreams, entrepreneurial visions have and are coming true.

I must remind myself now and again of the bigger picture,

……which is odd to hear me say in writing as typically I need to be reeled in from floating out too far in, ‘I’ve got an idea-land’!

I’ve of late been having a field day (really), revamping some things in my company, shifting roles, people, creating greater accountability, processes to assure a seamless service and the growth I envision. In doing so I’m called to do some of the duties which aren’t quite as fun, but all a part of the overall scheme of things. And it’s good to touch in on parts of my company I’ve not immersed myself in for a spell.

So I am reminded of the work we most love, and the work we do to enable us to get there…all important, and certainly giving me an appreciation of aspects of my business which I’ve been less in touch with while growing ‘other’ parts.

In the mix I’ve been able to work with some young people who work so beautifully with the clients and guests who come to celebrate at my facility. And what a keen and lovely group they are…..many of them me, not so many years past.

So, the work we do, it’s all good. And the work ahead, no doubt mixed with the same measure of sometimes tedium, but moreover, the stuff that dreams are indeed made of.

So, choose your life, says I, choose it! And let all the obstacles define who you REALLY are!

BB Webb


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