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Truth or dare….. November 17, 2009

Truth, light, transparency and savvy always wins. And by winning, i am referring to working toward the ‘good’. And might I define good? Perhaps good is taking responsibility, doing well onto others, respecting your limits, encouraging growth.

Truth or dare. I dare you to own up to all that you are….the glorious pieces, the less developed victim-y sides.

Do yourself a favor and blow it all to the wind and see how damn good you can be….on your own, without blaming others, without taking sides, just by being all that you can be and learning from the stuff that shows up that pisses you off, makes you feel little, scares you, turns you into a low ebb-er.

Fill that tank full of YOU and stop giving away your power says I. I know….I’ve been on both sides of the deck. And I like it full. I prefer a full deck.

I’m rambling tonight, full of images, photos, possibilities for how I might sit with satisfaction a spell in my life. What might it feel like to fill MY well and sit a spell?

I might just give it a try. Just look in the mirror at how absolutely beautiful you are…..just as you are…..just as you are….. without having to flaunt, put another down, just by sitting in a chair. Come on, I dare you to see the truth!

I’m a bit full of sap tonight….weary of the dark….it’s time for the light to shine ALL the way through….good GOD we all have SO much to be thankful for each and every day. Celebrate, honestly, celebrate the hell out of life while you are here. I’ll state it hear….I shun the dark….

it’s so…..dark.

How deep is your well?

BB Webb