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Rock it Ruthie….go on now… November 10, 2009

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missrhythmI’ve gotten to play a few roles in my life…..but damn, how much time to play the ones on this long list I have….

Why do actors want to be singers, and singers actors? Do doctors want to be lawyers, and accountants Queen’s of England?

These are the things I think about when my eyes are shutting, I KNOW I need to go to bed, but am afraid I might MISS something.

When I was quite young, I remember my two older brothers and I being asked what we wanted to be when we ‘grew up’. With no idea what possessed me, I asserted that I wanted to be an elephant. Good God what a thought. I must have had my reasons.

My eldest brother, Jeffery chose to be a screwdriver. Not sure what was happening in his squirrel-y butt world and then Johnny, always the sensitive, indecisive one, wanted to wait and see what happened. Kids! Terrific really!

And with more rain tumbling down all over the ground in Georgia….I just want to sing like Ruthie….from 1955 when I was but a whisper of thought in my mommy’s eyes.

Sorry, couldn’t copy the video here, but treat yourself….THIS is a performer and OH what a band! That mouth, those eyes, those moves….2 minutes….she just might get ja! And oooooh, the power of a sax!!

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