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The Riddle of Abundance November 6, 2009

This has been an extraordinary week for me…conflicts, surprises, epiphanies, opportunities to move forward differently. It’s the stuff of songs and new beginnings, and if not, at least profoundly ‘full’! Sleep, though needed, feels almost a nuisance….there is just so much to navigate.


I choose to look at EVERYTHING that appears in my life as an opportunity. Me, forever Pollyanna.

7t26evyvsn02722sWith all that as a backdrop….I find myself having frequent conservations with friends and colleagues around the nature of abundance. When considering abundance, my thoughts move toward fulfillment in all manner of things: loyal, thoughful friends you hold in great esteem, (and who know your heart), creative work that satisfies, financial resources and above all, a freedom to explore and move throughout my world in a way that works for ME.

I woke around 4am this morning realizing the moment my eyes opened that I had it all wrong as to how to bring such abundance through my door!

I now concede that bringing abundance into one’s life has more to do with an ability to receive rather than an assertive, albiet agressive push toward said desires.

How perfect this is to remember for someone such as myself, (a stomping bull in a china shop). I know the importance of persistence though persistence with a stronger ability to ALLOW is what, if I’ll sufficiently recall, has brought most opportunity and good fortune my way.

How ironic then when I am challenged, (while endeavoring to navigate the various puzzles of my life), that a tendency to PUSH results (more often than not), in the wrong thing.

We get MORE of whatever we focus upon. If I focus on lack of funds, there you have it, for folks on the weight loss treadmill, focusing on how overweight they seem or unhealthy or tired or lonely or WHATEVER, seems to bring more of it on. So, I must remind myself of my prosperity, (it’s all perspective), my good health, the opportunities which regularly come my way, the terrific friends I enjoy etc. and then….. how lovely to witness the way more of ‘it’ arrives. Simple, though we’re not accustomed to this manner of thinking. It’s somehow counterintuitive.

In letting go of what DOESN’T work, we are gifted with a new something, (better something), to come in. I’m all about better. Please…more of that!

ba_garage022_laThat being said, I realize these new behaviors, certainly for myself, will take a different kind of awareness and discipline. How to instead develop into a ‘dancing giselle’ rather than a ‘stomping bull’. How do we authentically become the leaders in our own lives…knowing that the people and circumstances we attract are totally up to us. Knowing too that the ones who arrive should resonate with ease and fulfill YOUR picture of the life you want to live.

My prayer then….’this image in my head God, or better, or better’.

And how funny then when tonight, totally exhausted from a week of all KINDS of hullabaloo, REAL drama and angst, that when leaving a downtown parking garage, stuck at the bottom level with all the exit ways stating ‘monthly only’, how completely fulfulling to shotgun my car three inches behind an apparent monthly visitor, feeling the OVERRIDING need to exit my PROFOUNDLY tired car and body in order to reach home. Okay, so the wooden arm landed on the roof of my car and scratched the bejesus out of it….

….sometimes freedom, abundance for that matter, and, a break to be free does demand just a smidgen of renegade spit and forceful fire.

I’m for it all.

BB Webb