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What is Art? November 2, 2009

I had an interesting day today. I often prepare during my weekend time, for a new week, along with some rest, certainly a refocusing time; though once off on my week, it’s a mystery as to where any given moment might take me…..and FYI….the moon is FULL, VERY full. I feel it entirely.

The following video will go down in history, no doubt, as one of my favs. It completely resonated with the world I encountered today.

So, I find myself considering a few things…

Why do we do what we do? What drives us one way or another. Why might a certain situation or person capture our interest at any given point in time? How is it one project, encounter or person might make us squirm with uncertain delight, (or trepidation), while another, which you’d think would send us into shock and panic, does not? Who are we in our varying moments and self imposed ‘roles’?

What are these different roles we assume, AND, how lovely that each day we have an opportunity to emerge anew, different, slightly shifting with the people we bring into our lives, the endeavors we choose…

And isn’t it all, ultimately art? Our lives, total art. Certainly, and perfect just as they are.

I am constantly amused by my own reactions to the world put before me. I often don’t recognize myself. I’m ALWAYS curious as to how each scene evolves. And there I say, is the fun. A new spark to ignite our engines at every turn. I everyday fly solo and with no hands, whether accompanied or not. Just me. No script. Oh, how brave are we.

BB Webb