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The Children Storm October 20, 2009

A little over 10 years ago I found myself in the new role of wife and step mom. Both proved to be challenging roles for me though I certainly gave it my ALL. The lessons learned were worth their weight in marbles, heavy, gold gilded marbles. I am grateful for ALL my life experiences. I’m especially grateful to be where I am now…traveling forward to who knows exactly what….though it will be forever beautifully seasoned by the tastes, pleasures, bumps and colorful roads traveled in my past.

And for one season, I experienced a beautiful ‘Children Storm’.

The Children Storm

As a new step-mom and first time wife, I’ve grown accustomed to the anticipation filled calm before the “children storm.” My eyes dart out the window for signs of Sam’s Bronco turning into the drive whose entrance is 800 feet away, headlights a harbinger to the chaos I’m not sure I can embrace. I almost hear circus music as I see his lights. Visions of toys, games, papers, being thrown from bookshelves, as if from some poltergeist, fill my mind, food jettisoning from the fridge, peanut better oozing at abnormal speed down cupboards with a life of its own, fingerprints a Rand McNally of childlike enthusiasm, tantrums and abandon.

My need to control tightens. My stomach freezes and my face belongs in the wax museum. Immobile, I wait. Tick, tock, tick, tock. The dogs sign the next warning, my scouts, signaling my impending danger. They begin to howl knowing as I do that our peaceful haven will soon be transformed. They begin running in circles on the porch, nip at each other with the eager anticipation of their playmates.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble,” on the stone drive, “creak” of Sam’s old Bronco doors, aching from the force of being opened one more time and all at once, a cacophony of birds chattering, magpies arguing, the sound of symbols as the doors crash closed and Sam hollering, “Leo, shut the door.” Leo, in his customary 3’4”, four-year-old retort, “It was Jason.” Bonnie escapes the Bronco first, her curly red hair a pogo stick of color. She bounces out the car door leaving bookbag, pencils and papers flying like crows scared by an oncoming tractor.

Jason tumbles out the side closest to our house and passes Bonnie with a swift dodge to the left, then the right, making her teeter off balance. The unforgettable whine sings our like a lighthouse beacon, “Jaaasssooooon mooovvve. Daddddy!!!!” Her book bag, puffy with key chains and stuffed toys bounces on her shoulder as she leans left to regain her balance. Jason clips past her to the left, around our newly planted dogwood, his same height; it competition bends and springs back, a lucky survivor. Gazelle-like, he moves up the 3 porch stairs with one jump, into the front door with hinges flung wide as though they might spin like the revolving kind at Macys, through our walls and back again another turn. April 2004 028

Bonnie is a moment behind, her 10-year-old body somersaulting through the front door just behind her. She high-jumps a chair to the kitchen pulling down chips, cookies, tops are opened, contents spilling. Jason with dark hair tossed to the side, flips on the TV with Olympic speed while simultaneously landing in the blue chair, sneakers flung to one side. A “BOOM!” of high pitched vibrations, background crashing, the sound hitting each wall of our home like a WW2 bomber with an ability to penetrate through accuracy and speed, deadening all senses.

Leo trails behind and is curtailed as he falls over his forever dragging shoelace, “BAM,” onto the gravel with an instantaneous bellow heard round the world. “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” The deer in our forest take cover; the birds levitate in unison. “I’m bleeeeeding. I’m dyyying.” Sam unfettered by this ritual pulls Leo up by the arm to inspect the damage. No blood in sight just a feather of skin torn.

Willing to forget his near death fall, Leo shouts with eyes bulging, forehead crimson for Jason to give him his chair, which he claimed yesterday was HIS! Sam loosens his hold as Leo wiggles to freedom and scurries through the front door, a ferret out to kill. With Mighty Mouse speed, he pounces through the door to the now settled Jason who has both hands full of Oreo’s, the creamy white filling already being scraped from the dark cookie. With the swift twitch of his elbow, a practiced move, Jason flicks Leo to the floor with no more effort than he would swat an annoying fly. Skillfully he does so without disturbing one scrap of the cookie.April 2004 021

A louder, “Waaaaaa, Daaaddddyy, make Jason give me the chair, it’s not fair. It’s miiiiiiiiine!!!” Sam already headed out to the Bronco to collect the strewn pieces of wreckage shouts back as he ambles without turning his head, “Leo, stop arguing. Jason, let him sit with you.” He is as calm as a monk in meditation.

My head spins. I grasp the door frame to keep my balance. My home is invaded; my sense of self lost in the din, the movement, this merry-go-round set at warp speed. Who are these people? Even the dust is scattering to take cover. The dogs are in from the back porch now adding to the mix of circus, rodeo, amusement park backdrop. The pictures on the wall hang askew or is it my brain jumbled in the wake? The instant transforming of my peaceful space. An atom bomb would be more gracious.

Peering the wreckage from the safety of our bedroom, I make a fast getaway to our bathroom so as not to be discovered. Into this 4 by 10-foot windowless tomb, my sanctuary, I breathe, I pray, not sure what for, but I pray. My heart is pumping overtime and my temples are pounding, hot to the touch. I feel like a deer found out by an overzealous first of the season hunter.

I hear Sam entering the house quickly calming the havoc, organizing the mayhem and my stomach, not yet accustomed to this ritual, loosens a small notch till Leo bursts through the bathroom door like a clown at a surprise party. “Hi BB.” I fall against the back wall and hear a “clunk.” Is it my head or has my heart stopped? Having already forgotten his recent tumble on the gravel and his adamant need for the blue chair, he smiles and with all the pride of a newly pinned commander reports, “I have to drop a few friends off at the pool.”

IM001959My eyebrows move high on my forehead. I can’t move. I make a play at normalcy, attempt to slip on my loving adult face and demeanor, while the child that is me silently screams, shakes, bellows, “SPACE; I WANT MY SPACE!!!!!!” Leo in his meltingly sweet and infectious manner bursts, “Will you help me wipe?” My breath sinks like an elevator to the lowest floor as I sigh audibly, breath again as he waits for my response. His little fine red haired head is upturned and at an angle.

There is no choice here. I feel the mother in me emerge as a grin begins to cover my face. The heat has left my temples and has fallen to my chest. My heart is a hot ember. “Of course Leo, of course my baby,…call me when you’re done.” As I begin to turn I can feel the air reentering my lungs. I start to leave, then turn as Leo heads to sit on the john. “I’m so proud of you honey.” His little pants down to his ankles, a grin from ear to ear, our eyes lock and I wonder, how on earth did I get here, helping raise another woman’s children?

Blessings to the people who’ve traveled with me thus far (and most especially the three children who let me into their hearts…along with their mother, who to this day remains my beloved ‘wife-in-law’)…. AND anticipatory ‘cheers’ to the brave and fearless ones who’ll join me moving forward.

BB Webb


Farhrklempt October 19, 2009

Ever hear yourself talking or writing and a word from SOMEWHERE comes out of your mouth or on the page and you wonder ‘where did THAT come from?’ or you wonder, ‘when did I learn that word?’ but dang if it isn’t ‘right on’. Suddenly a lexicon of mystery words make themselves known.

Today was an odd day for me…a sort of discomfort lined my brow and a feeling as though I was walking in someone else’s shoes…the kind of day when your clothes just didn’t sit right on your frame and you forget simple words like, ‘tiger’ or your best friend’s name, or ‘Twitter’ comes out ‘Tweeter’ and you call your ‘hard drive’ your ‘drive shaft’. Awww, you know….it happens. (I’m hoping you know).

Or worse, you attempt to tell a story, which I do often while attempting to illustrate a point, (no doubt), and none of the details come out and the result is a most unentertaining blotch of a few facts that fall like pitiful little ashes to the ground. You find yourself looking down just wondering what happened to the colorful vision in your noggin.

The sort of day when you listen to a certain song and find yourself entirely choked up as you bustle past intent commuters on the highway. Then suddenly, a momentary euphoria hits and you feel entirely schizophrenic. And you’re SURE everybody can see right through you. (Clearly ‘everyone’ could care less…we’re really so less important than we think we are….well, I’ll speak for myself here).

Oy vey! (I’m channeling Jewish tonight)??

And then tonight in summarizing some things that occurred during my day to my business coach, (trying to be succinct which I NEVER am, I’d clearly give him a heart attack if I were), (FYI….he’s the one who suggested a blog….less space taken in his ‘in box’…..or so he thought)!!! Smart man!

I found myself writing the word ‘farklempt!’ Spelled also ‘Verklempt’. It’s various definitions below….

The Urban Dictionary states:
1. farklempt
Yiddish meaning choked up or not feeling good was often used in Saturday night life by Mike Myers is “Coffee Talk” (See hysterical video below)!
verklempt-swoon -farklempt -choked up -gobsmacked -ferklempt
2. verklempt
Verklempt – choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way)
This is not FAKE Yiddish – unless you are one of the linguists who consider Yiddish a “fake”, i.e. non-transformational language.
OY, vey. When that schmuck of a doctor told me I had cancer I got all verklempt.
chocked up -speechless with emotion -in agnst -deeply wounded note: sometimes spelled fehrklempt

Farklempt – choked up; speechless; unable to express one’s feelings/emotions

The sort of day when try as you might, your thoughts just aren’t cascading out of your mouth in the fashion you imagine and synergy is a beat off, your timing a bit lagged and your mental capacity diminished.

And in tribute to those Ferhklempt moments or entire days…..the brilliant Mike Myers, Madonna and Rosanne. (3 minutes is all you’ll need)!

Just sharing. Another few moments in time….

BB Webb


Jeannette Rankin, a woman among men, among women… October 17, 2009

I recently served as Mistress of Ceremonies for the Jeannette Rankin Foundation annual dinner, held in Athens, GA. I’ve known of this organization for a number of years and had the opportunity to interview its Executive Director, Sue Lawrence on my former tv show several years back. The Jeannette Rankin Foundation, based out of Athens, is an organization whose sole (or I might say, ‘soul’) mission is to expand the possibilities for deserving women in need of scholarship funds to further their education.

Having heard the individual testimonies of several scholarship recipients, I am moved by the difference it makes when someone is celebrated by a champion, (in this case, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation) and given the opportunity to explore their capabilities to move into their individual talents to genuinely and with great confidence, excel. (I know)!

About Jeannette Rankin:

Jeannette Rankin

Jeannette Rankin

1880–1973, American pacifist, b. Missoula, Mont. She was active in social work and campaigned for woman suffrage. A Republican, she was the first woman in the United States to serve (1917–19) in Congress and also was (1941–43) a member of the 77th Congress. She voted against the declaration of war on Germany in 1917 and in 1941 cast the only vote in the House against entering the war. A member of various antiwar organizations, she led (1968) the Jeannette Rankin Brigade, a peace group, to Washington to protest the Vietnam War.


I met yesterday with the foundation’s visionary Executive Director, Sue Lawrence and Board President, Juniper Burrows, who donates countless hours to the organization. Most of the financial support for the foundation currently comes from the Athens community. It is my personal mission to build national awareness of what this fine organization does and to champion their cause as my personal efforts expand beyond my immediate Atlanta based circle.home_ochoa

We intend to have a fundraiser to gather monies at my very own Carl House venue to enable more women throughout the country to receive scholarships. Currently, hundreds upon hundreds of women have been given scholarships to further their educations. Upon viewing a map at their offices, I saw these hundreds of scholarship recipients marked by individual pins throughout the entire United States. Many women have come from abusive situations, poverty and environments where the possibility to better themselves seemed nil at best.

From their website:

‘By awarding scholarships to low-income women 35 and older, JRF provides opportunities for women nationwide to secure careers and break the cycle of poverty. Each scholarship recipient has a vision of how education will benefit herself, her family and her community. While the women come from diverse backgrounds, they are all united and motivated by their goal to succeed through education.

Consider a visit to this site and if you have the desire to help, a donation, however small or large, of money or time, will be deeply appreciated.

Me, first place hat winner in the 2008 High Hat Tea!

Me, first place hat winner in the 2008 High Hat Tea!

The Jeaneatte Rankin High Hat tea is among my favorite of their various fundraising events. I was in fact, the 2008 High Hat Tea first place winner for my ‘Garden Hat’, complete with spider, (as seen in orange on the right of my hat…name: Dagwood), weighing in at more pounds than my frame could rightly carry. (An award in which I am MOST proud)! They have a wonderful silent auction at this tea and some great people in attendance.

Stay tuned for our fundraising shindig slated for sometime in July at Carl House. It will be a winner, I promise!

So, thank you Sue Lawrence and your team. You heard it here, it’s time to go national!

And thank you Jeannette Rankin for your vision, courage and leadership. A woman among men, among women, indeed!

“You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.” — Jeannette Rankin.

BB Webb


Energy… October 16, 2009

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What exactly is it? Life force. Chi? Prana? Heat, vigor, potency?? Vibrancy, passion, luminescence? There are a zillion names. To me it’s the stuff that transmits through the ether, think radio waves. I like that Leonardo di Vinci’s energy is still in the mix, however so is Idi Amin’s. I like that a positive thought can overpower a negative one with the right intent and persistence. I like that crap that gets stuck in my etheric field can be cleared and I feel better. I like learning how to direct my energy in a healing manner and that I can do good in this way. And, I don’t even have to be present to impact someone’s health, their outlook or their mood.

Consider when you first feel attracted to someone you find beautiful, lovely. Without them being in the room that energy, the vibe, the thought of this person can lift you up, make you smile, make you wanton, eager, full of fresh ideas. It’s energy. Similarly, the thought of someone who does less than lift you up can put, certainly me, in a sour mood.

I have been the recipient of energy healing for over a decade and I studied how to direct healing energy several years ago during a year course of study. Though still a novice, I was astounded by my own abilities when I put aside my doubt. My teacher, Dr. Fernand Poulin, founder of White Winds Institute, would encourage us to TRUST what we felt, what we saw as we worked to develop this ‘sixth’ sense really. And when we did, miraculous things took place. I was easing aching joints, aligning spines, unwinding tense shoulders and putting the give back in cranky, stuck necks. I’m merely a dabbler in this art/science, though I know it’s power (my power) and the power of energy healing.

Similar principles are used in NAET, (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique). Dr. Devi Nambudripad discovered the methods for removing allergies in the body thereby eliminating a variety of diseases. Though I’m more open than most with regard to techniques on how to maintain great health and vitality, I do need to see and feel the results.

From Dr. Nambudripad:

‘The brain provides warnings to the body whenever blockages occur within the energy pathways. These warnings include illness, pain, inflammation, fever, heart attacks, strokes, abnormal growths, tumors, and various physical, physiological and psychological discomforts. If the symptoms are minor, blockages are minor. If the symptoms are major, blockages are major. Minor blockages can be unblocked easily, whereas major blockages take a long time to unblock.

But more often than not, they can be unblocked and the body can do what it was designed to do, heal itself.

I can testify to being now 95% free of what were once intense springtime and disrupting food allergies.’

I subscribe to the following thought and belief:


“The Doctor of the future will give No Medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” -Attributed to Thomas Alva Edison

There are so many things I’ve yet to discover or I like to think of it as ‘re-remember’ as I feel somewhere, somehow we KNOW more than our conscious minds will allow. Perhaps the journey into ourselves is the greatest adventure.

And I thought it might be a forthcoming trip to California, now cancelled. I feel a better adventure, more suited to me perhaps, on the way. I might not even have to leave the state, then again, perhaps I will. I’m just not sure yet. I’ll know when it’s time to know.

And again, I find myself reminded to move within to listen for my own wisdom, certainly influenced by the many worlds of thought and belief which cross my door. Everyone I meet has an opinion, a world view.

Sure they do!

I may til the day I die be sorting out mine. It keeps changing. Yet I do know for certain, my actions and intentions will endeavor to point toward all good.

BB Webb


Perspective October 13, 2009

I am considering this evening how differently we all view the world. We all have our ‘world view’. I like being around people with an expanded vision of what is possible.

I was introduced to the work of M.C. Escher when I was 14 or 15 years old. Somehow I went from Jughead and Betty comics to M.C. Escher…..his work mezmerized me; I’d scour through his drawings for hours upon hours. Likewise, I was enthralled with the photography of Weegee….his depiction of life in the city was completely foreign to me, sheltered Pennsylvania girl that I was. Both artists saw the world in such unique ways.

So, tonight, while thinking of my own perceptions of the world and how they are shifting, I pay tribute to these two amazing artists.

If you don’t know Escher’s work, this is my favorite YouTube retrospective. You’ll have to copy this link on your browser:

I feel it’s worth the 3:55 mintue view.

Or for a quick hint of his work and a short seminar…and to hear that thick Dutch accent:

Weegee revealed humanity it all it’s surprising details, often shocking, real, transparent, brutal, tender…a true photo journalist, an artist. His real name, Arthur Fellig, (actually born Usher Fellig), he moved to New York City in 1909 and was called ‘Weegee’, or as the Wiki guide states, ‘Fellig’s nickname was a phonetic rendering of Ouija, due to his frequent, seemingly prescient arrival at scenes only minutes after crimes, fires or other emergencies were reported to authorities.’

At 14 it was refreshing to learn that Ozzie and Harriet weren’t my only backdrop to the world. I knew after studying these two artists, I’d forever be an explorer. There was just that much to see!

BB Webb


Knowing your heart. October 8, 2009

A photo....of Carl House, taken by me, BB Webb

A photo....of Carl House, taken by me, BB Webb

Knowing your heart. At the end of the day, we answer only to ourselves and perhaps our higher power. As I go to bed I review my day and assess, have I endeavored to be loving, purposeful, living my life ‘on’ purpose, doing what my soul is meant to do. Some days I feel more on target than others. Other days I am impatient with my humanity. But, I am owner of it all. And my aim is to do good, to be a servant of sorts, using my skills and passions to create good. Each night I can go to bed knowing my intent is always, ALWAYS strong and in that vein.

The internet and communicating, stretching what we think and know, publically, is intriguing to me. I am now a part of the Blog movement and experiencing the world in a new way. I’m finding that being transparent, open and honest about who we are, strengths, foibles, all of who we are, takes guts.

I am not sure how other people live their lives though I know that being hurtful and negative serves no one. I am reminded of the story of the man who had a print shop close to a downtown area in a big city. He was a man of meager means, working to pay his rent, service his customers, to do good in the way he knew how. Again and again the neighbor boys would turn over his trash and paint obscenities on the outside wall of his building. Week after week this man would clean up the garbage and wash the paint off his wall. This went on for months.

I don’t remember the exact details of the story, but the long and the short of it was, he came upon the boys doing their thoughtless acts and instead of yelling at them, he surprised them and asked, ‘which one of you is the great painter,’ as one of the boys made lewd caricatures on the wall. He persuaded the boys to come in to see his shop one day. After a time, they grew to know the man, to hear stories of his life and his dreams beyond the printing shop, the challenges he’d encountered, the stories of his family, they met his aged father, were shown photographs of his children, now grown and living elsewhere, learned that his wife had passed away.

Compassion grew within these boys as they found that he was very much like themselves. They grew to understand this man’s heart and could no longer do the careless things they had done so thoughtlessly.

I received a curious email from a woman the other day. It was posted to my entire team at Carl House. Apparently I inadvertently posted stock photos on my Blog misunderstanding ‘Royalty Free’ as something I could use freely. I’m adamant about crediting the many gifted photographers who shoot weddings at my venue, clearly I am not an intentional ‘pirate’. That’s not me. People who know my heart know that that is certainly not me. My unawareness of the rules was perhaps not particularly savvy, but nonetheless, an unintentional error.

‘Kim’ (though it’s doubtful that is her real name, sent me her hotmail note which reads as follows):

To whom it may concern,

I was visiting your website during my recent wedding planning search and felt I needed to write to you.

I viewed the links from your website to both the Carl House blog and the blog for the apparent owner, BB Webb. I am utterly appalled at the unprofessionalism of both blogs for their content and for the unethical and illegal usage of stock photos from companies such as Fotosearch and Shutterstock. I am completely surprised that a business would openly use photos that have obviously been pirated from these companies without compensation to them!

Ms. Webb, you write of “being in the arts” so it seems YOU of all people should understand that you are stealing from the same people you claim to support.

I have notified these companies of your sites and hope they can recoup the loss of income from your apparent lack of ethics. Also, I will certainly NOT contact you for my upcoming 2010 wedding plans nor will I refer anyone to your venue.


Might it not have been more gracious to call me directly to alert me of my error. I wondered why someone who doesn’t know me, would speak so hatefully. I wish I were more thick skinned, but it was hurtful.

After thanking her for bringing this to my attention, I spoke immediately with John at Fotosearch telling him of the letter and my error. I have calls into two other companies I have used. He said that lots and lots of people do the same and don’t understand what ‘royalty free’ means. He accepted my apology and shared with me some cost effective sites I might use. I suggested I post the rules of ‘royalty free’ on my Blog, mentioning his company and additional sites. He thanked me and said he will put together something to post, sent in a separate email after getting the okay from his manager.

I shared the email I had received from ‘Kim’. He was shocked at its sharpness and accusing tone. He was stunned by a letter so hateful.

BB Webb the deviant pirateer?? Photo by Artstar Photography

BB Webb the deviant pirateer?? Photo by Artstar Photography

Perhaps this email is really a disgruntled former employee masquarading as Kim, or maybe she IS a bride-to-be. If it is a bride, I wish she’d contacted me privately, to better know my heart.

This person does however represent a part our culture who think little about being hurtful, they hide behind email, are unwilling to have a thoughtful conversation. ‘Kim’s’ follow up email was all the more blaming and obsessed. I decided not to participate. To me it’s an odd way to spend time and energy.

I am thankful to have so many dear friends and colleagues who know me, who know my heart, my intentions toward good.

My world is becoming and will become more and more public as I do what I am meant to do, sharing all I’m learning as a business owner, as a woman, as a servant and student of the world. One of my dear friends promised to make me a suit of teflon to let the negatives barbs and thoughtless jabs hurled by people roll off me.

Emails such as Kim’s help me know better who I am. They strengthen my resolve to continue the work I am doing and to release the people and things who serve me not.

And with the knowledge of my error, please stay tuned, you’ll be hearing from the various photo stock companies I’ve contacted… so far, gracious, understanding, considerate. My sincere apologies to them all and thanks for agreeing to help educate me and others on the rule of ‘royalty free’ photos. I’d rather be part of the solution than the problem. Any day.

BB Webb


Oh the people we meet. October 7, 2009

Overall, (and remind me I said this), I’m having a love affair with life. And love affairs are interesting….they have their highs and their lows…but just as Jerry Seinfeld exclaims in one of his many (by me, beloved) episodes of the Seinfeld show, ‘make up sex is the BEST sex.’  I’m grooving on the metaphor.  After a particularly scurrilous day, few months, year or years perhaps, things swing back and the sun peeks behind the clouds. And I appreciate it all the more after all the dark, dank, dreary days.

I was tempted even tonight to post another story about a heartless email I received from someone lashing out at me unkindly, thoughtlessly. After thanking this person for information they shared, I decided instead to graciously not participate in their negativity. I won’t do it. That energy serves NO ONE. I know that. Better yet, I’m beginning to realize the choices I have with every moment.

And so, I today am reminded of the moments in life when a new person appears…someone you never knew, never expected arrives into your life. I’m focusing just now on the ones who have over my last year made a demonstrable, positive difference.

I know too that we attract those folks…energetically. I believe it’s rather scientific when boiled down. We attract exactly what we need, growth lessons, loving people, folks who give us what we need to grow. Yes, the naughty, annoying ones appear as guides as well. All that we attract might come in the form of hard lessons and angst, (drat all that) or the lover type energies, the people who maybe challenge, but with a softer touch, or the folks who just think you hung the moon and perhaps you feel the same about them. Gee, I love THOSE people! But they are all necessary AND important.

I am practicing something new in my life….allowing all these new encounters to tell me where they want to go or not go. I’m endeavoring to keep them where they seem to belong, simple and complete within themselves, whether they melt one way or another, to just be present with each interesting lick and turn and to be in total gratitude of ‘what is’.

It’s so simple that way, relishing moments with all the people who complete the cast of our lives, at one given point and time. No clinging, no projecting, no worries if your friendship with a pal changes or turns….to be with ‘just now’. It’s so freeing and lovely really. I’m practicing, certainly not seasoned in ANY of this. But I’m a dogged one, I know I’ll ‘get’ anything I want to ‘get’, in time, in time. I am challenged by it all daily.

And I am comforted with the thought that: Change is, afterall, our only REAL constant in life.

I met two new women last night at yet another industry networking held at the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens, (a place I ALWAYS love to visit. The new exhibits and creative growth I see there each time I visit makes me happy to live so close to a thriving city). I sat down next to Katie, who works in a job, (…sigh), that is far beneath her potential though at 31 she is raising her 9 year old daughter and had to over a year ago move in with her parents. We agreed that returning to our biological families can make us feel immediately 12 years old.


I liked her immediately. Somehow or other we both started using colorful language to make our point about one rather intimate topic or another, as we easily got into ‘the good stuff’ together! Immediate gales of laughter filled the space between us as I then noticed her outstanding tattoos. ‘Wow,’ as I noticed a huge one on her arm and another on her opposite wrist. I’m not a tatoo girl at all, I like a blank body slate which I might adorn with jewelry or clothes, scent, muscles or movement…tatoo is too permanent a thought or mood for me to partake.

But I was intrigued. Katie rallied back, ‘oh, these are small.’ I pointed to the one on her wrist and smiled, ‘Small? How many do you have all together?’ Her lips moved as she recalled and recounted her body ‘decals’. ‘Ahhhh, 10!’ ’10’ I repeated. ‘Wow.’ Katie responded, ‘I love them, though, this one,’ she pointed to the big one on her wrist, ‘it’s a do-over.’ Apparently she’d outgrown one and had to cover it with what was a very large blotch of ink. I didn’t pry, though of course wanted to!

“My mom hates them, is always trying to rub them off. And my daughter hates them too. She always says, ‘can’t you be normal mommy.”’

We laughed together on that one, knowing we both just didn’t care to be what others felt was ‘normal’.

Yes, I liked Katie immediately. She then showed me the pretty script on the back of her neck which read, ‘Gracie’, her daughter’s name. ‘Does she like that one?’ I asked. ‘Oh yes, she likes THAT one.’

Katie then introduced me to her beautiful dark haired friend, a co-hort at the ‘job’ they both endured. ‘This is Victoria’. She too was lovely with a big, broad smile, Peruvian decent through raised up north as I remember. She too was a single mom, who ALSO had to forlornly, move back with her parents as well. They luckily started their lack luster jobs at the same time and became instant pals.

I wondered then, where were the men who enjoyed sex with these two gorgeous women and who left them to carry the load, financially and otherwise raising two children alone. The strength they exhibited and absolute love and devotion to their children had me in awe. I also considered how easy it is to forget birth control in the ‘heat’ of the moment and how guilty we all have been from time to time. Similar to texting and driving, the repercussions can be HUGE!

Katie and I discussed all manner of things, finding some quick commonalities. I felt the need to encourage them both…their deadend jobs, their current financial and ‘at home with mom and dad’ status, I reminded them of how temporary life is, our moments turning into seasons, decades. I felt mothering toward them. We talked about imagining and intending what we want and how powerful we are in attracting what we desire.

And then I had to laugh, totally LAUGH at my often hysterical and hilarious self….I need to tell ME those things…regularly!! I forget in the heat of one dilemma or another…that if I wait a moment, I know what to do….I know how to shift my thinking….I merely forget. So what a lesson these wonderful, young women gave to me.

1803372Victoria then shared her Peruvian origins and that she had an uncle who apparently knew of the Quaro people in and around Machu Picchu. A sacred spot on the earth with high energetic vibration and people who live in tune with those energies, I have a very real desire to visit there. She shared that her uncle could take me all over the mountains and show me sacred spots.

You just never know how one moment might transport you to the next and how it might impact your life. I LOVE that….me focusing of course on all good! (When I remember).

And I wondered, here in the middle of the city, while nibbling small bits of lamb and couscous, the chatter of a run-of-the-mill industry networking event, you never know who you might meet who could change the course of your personal history.

Katie and I gave one another a big hug as she was leaving to pick up her little girl. Then she came back to hug me again, stronger…..’you’re so cool’ she said. ‘No, you’re so cool Katie’. A moment, a moment in time.

It’s then I remember my love affair with life and how lucky I am to unfold a new day, EVERY day.

BB Webb