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The choices we make… October 25, 2009

Everyday we have an opportunity. I’m thinking of my two friends. I’m thinking of my friend with cancer and I’m thinking of my friend who feels she is at the end of her rope.

My few best friends are facing challenging situations in their lives. As I sit with them, and as I send them my very best thoughts and energy, I know I am doing good.

Moreover, they are doing ‘good’…and they are doing well. I watch the battles within themselves and how they move through them. They are brave women, different as can be yet there is a cord of similarity which runs through us.

imagesI had a discussion with a friend about the words warrior vs soldier. I prefer warrior as soldier, in the definitions I’ve found, soldier seems to lean more toward military service and, to me, I hold images of warrior in a different way. (Words perplex me…their scope and diversity and how personal they are to each of us).

war⋅ri⋅or  [wawr-ee-er, wawr-yer, wor-ee-er, wor-yer] Show IPA –noun
1. one who is engaged in or experienced in battle.
2. one who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict: neighborhood warriors fighting against developers.
3. a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.
4. a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.

images-1Yes, my friend’s battles are within themselves. They are not part of a fire brigade or a rescue brigade, they are fighting, leaning toward more a self actualization.

And then I remembered…while stumbling through some websites on brainwave technology…reiterating what I believe with the law of attraction.

‘Everything you are is the result of what you have thought. Our attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts attract related positive and negative physical/mental manifestations and experiences. In other words, you get what you think most about, whether you want these experiences/manifestations or not. This concept has been prevalent among many philosophers and spiritual advocates for thousands of years.

So, what do you think most about everyday? Does anger, worry, fear, anxiety, depression, aggression, instability, paranoia, irritability, or moodiness lead your mental/emotional state and thoughts? If so, then experiences validating these thoughts are exactly what you will continue attracting into your life.


I am watching my friends move into their aliveness in new ways as they wipe away what doesn’t work, as they move BEYOND their anger, their doubt and cynicism. Out of their cocoons, through the hardships, disappointments, naive expectations, someone new is emerging, their bodies are changing, their faces indeed are softer and there is less rigidity in their walk. I love experiencing the change and am eager to see what might next manifest in their lives.

They have made new choices and it’s working for them. I am inspired and will remember this when I return again myself to the places which serve me not.

The possibilities on where we might fly are endless.

BB Webb


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