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Cancer Stinks! And maybe our thinking is limited. September 29, 2009

My friend has cancer and she’s just not yet jumping in to take care of it. I can’t imagine what’s going on in her mind and heart. She’s so lovely. She’s so dear to me. I’m doing all I know how to do at this point, and I ask for guidance daily about how best to serve her, to help her back to robust health, because her cancer is at a point where she can have that kind of return.

She’s had all manner of friends who have died of cancer….one friend who is about to die, in about 2 months, (of lung cancer, as my mom did), and this friend will be leaving behind a 6 year old little girl. They are telling the little girl next week that her mommy will soon be leaving. I have no children yet can hardly swallow at the thought of having to have such a conversation. How does a 6 year old fathom such a thought? My head becomes numb with the magnitude and import of the task.

I’m a fighter. I’ve fought all my life. I came out of the womb, (early, of course, VERY early), with a mission and knew that there was stuff I needed to do and even in the midst of total confusion over what that might be, I’ve never doubted there was a mission. It’s why I’m here!

HOWEVER……I’m learning, (albiet slooooowly), to not FIGHT so much now as (oooooh, am I really saying this), to listen, and move more slowly.

Oh Lord….I feel friends and colleagues with their jaws dropping to their travertine floors.

I think this cancer nonsense needs not so much a ‘fight’ as a shift in how we do things, a look at the REAL cause behind the ‘cancer.’

I’ll rally around emotional, physical and spiritual well being as I always do. When ‘stuff’ goes wrong, there is a reason. I have all manner of notions about why ‘stuff’ appears to us and was especially prone to a major ‘aha’ in that regard after reading Caroline Myss’ book, Anatomy of the Spirit. And, I don’t believe so much in genes influenced by heredity as much as by energetic imprint, which can be altered. (I’m out on a limb here, I know….).

And for the record, I’ll note it here, (cause I can)….I feel the future of wellness lies in a big…. a BIG way, in the area of energy medicine or energy healing. Look it up. I’m serious as a………..healthy heart. Yes, look it up, it’s real, I’ve experienced the benefits, I’ve seen it serve people with cancer and all manner of dis-eases. Miracles are to me expanded consciousness, of what is possible and ooooh nelly, it’s WAY bigger than our human minds, even the REALLY sharp, savvy minds I’ve had the pleasure, distinct pleasure, to meet. This is bigger than helium smoking pot!

I could go on and on….but I won’t. Though later, you are warned, I will. I have some real ideas and BB theories around this entire area of thought. And how I love expanded thinking and what it can manifest. And no, I have no scientific proof, just have experienced some things, read a lot and met LOTS and LOTS of people who have their own miraculous healing stories. I’ve met healers who just sing a different tune, and I like their song.

In the meantime, Lewis Black DOES make a point! I mean come on….come on….let’s do something new. Or I’m reminded when Mother Teresa was asked if she would march against war – she said NO but I will walk for peace. It’s all in how you look, how you view something. A SHIFT in how you do things. Oooooh, God bless us everyone!

BB Webb


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