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Dreamer? Romantic?? Me??? September 26, 2009

Photo by Lori Suzanne photography

Photo by Lori Suzanne photography

Well, I am the person who just wrote about the challenge of my constant distractions.

Photo by Sarah Eubanks photography

Photo by Sarah Eubanks photography

Yes, I am, (a dreamer….), I love to create cool stuff, can spend hours and hours in contemplation or writing about all manner of things, (useful or not), concocting adventures for sure, and entertainments, certainly dinner soirees with what I feel are interesting, fun people, imagining ‘neat’ stuff; I get lost in great films, (watch them over and over), I love romance, adore big hearted, smart, manly, open minded, FUN, passionate men, (who have their own interests and share some of mine).

I crumble when I see things of beauty, movies and stupid Hallmark Card commercials. And don’t even think of getting me to watch the public announcements around pets in need. I’m inconsolable for at least a day. I believe in the idea of marriage though am well aware of its challenges and the complex and difficult culture we live in, the impact of our ridiculous media, our interpretations of what ‘love’ ‘should’ be and the limitations of being human, male versus female, and living for 70 plus years, certainly with one partner. That’s another Blog. I don’t share the beliefs of many, but I’ve only lived in my skin, so I’m limited.

And yes, I am often disappointed by moment to moment ‘reality’ yet encouraged daily by the next moment around the bend.

Then today, while doing the interminable edits needed on most any evolving business website, (and FYI, we have a brand, spanking, shiny new one coming in about 2 months),

Photo by Lori Suzanne photography

Photo by Lori Suzanne photography

I was editing our Carl House website and viewed again the lovely work of Steve Schumacher. He is a visiting videographer to Carl House and created a three minute video of a beautiful wedding at Carl House.

Steve used Colbie Caillat’s song ‘Magic’, which frankly, rips me up every damn time I listen to it. It’s so fun to be ‘in love’, despite all the potential ‘work’ involved. I like work that leads to something better….that goes somewhere!

If you need a memory of why you got married perhaps, or the possibility of things to come, watch Steve’s video, it’s full of so much love and hope and well, I think it shares a lovely sentiment. And topped with Colbie Caillat’s sweet song….good Lord, bring a hankie!

When I think about it, nothing much else matters but love….being loving. I mean that. Learning how, there’s the rub. And I mean to ourselves as well. How well do you love on YOU? Take care of YOU?? There is always this and then the next moment to practice. Every day a new opportunity. I like that.

Life on this planet is just too short to not be fulfilled in the ways we all imagine and deserve. So go for it says I….love on, love on!! Oh, and I hope you’ll share your stories of how well you did!

(And yes, all the above photos were taken at the lovely Carl House)!

BB Webb


Our ‘arriving’ and distractions inherent on the path…

I’m amused, distracted really by my own distractions..

Distraction: Origin:
1425–75; late ME (< AF) < L distractiōn- (s. of distractiō) separation. See distract, -ion

Head in Clouds

Head in Clouds

1. the act of distracting.
2. the state of being distracted.
3. mental distress or derangement: That child will drive me to distraction.
4. that which distracts, divides the attention, or prevents concentration: The distractions of the city interfere with my studies.
5. that which amuses, entertains, or diverts; amusement; entertainment: Fishing is his major distraction.
6. division or disorder caused by dissension; tumult.
madness, lunacy, insanity, craziness.

I like especially the synonyms for distraction….lunacy, insanity….madness, craziness. I must be mad! (Please don’t poll my friends). I am clearly pulled by shiny objects, engaging rhetoric, the potential of adventure and attraction and as for many of us, heartache. And certainly anything in the category of ‘bling’!

Though, I’m intrigued… ‘mental distress or derangement’. Mental distress I can relate to….the things which unnecessarily pull me from where I want to focus. To me it’s like brain clutter. I don’t like clutter. Sitting in quietude might be a help for those of us so accustomed to incessant brain noise affecting focus. I clearly covet my ‘alone time’.

Or dancing. Dancing clears my head of clutter. I like getting lost in the movement, the music, the rhythm. Why then do we avoid what might be best for us? Lack of discipline? Are we distracted, by work, by the ‘fires’ inherent in building businesses, our striving, attempts to improve how we do what we do? Perhaps the pain of the other, the lack of ‘arriving’ where we intend, reaching our goals, perhaps the pain of not getting there has not been REAL enough???

I like when a new vision for how to ‘do’ my life arrives. I wonder too if YOU often find yourself arriving in yet another new place, a new perception, a new way of viewing yourself and the world. I suppose the potential of arriving in the NEW is what ultimately helps me through my distractions.

I clearly have more time on my hands than other people do, to ponder such thinking….no kid’s mouths to wipe, my dogs prefer not being bathed regularly, my house is a little dusty, but I don’t mind. I like being distracted with some things though most favorably in directions of greater possibility and new, positive growth.

But again, that’s just me. And today I am counting my innumerable blessings and that I have the time to write about and consider such things, as ‘arriving’ I must go.

BB Webb