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The Times They are a Changin’! September 10, 2009

hugI’m learning the profound difference between listening and hearing. I listen well, just don’t hear some things. I’m noticing when my defenses kick in and try as quickly as possible to become curious about it all….as the defensiveness is NEVER about the other person, just li’l ole me. Quite freeing to realize this actually. I like getting to root causes. It is then we are able to change. I like change. I like feeling better.

Similarly, I’m a fierce advocate of holistic medicine. I want to know what caused me to feel bad, not just cover it up….you might know this about me by now.

The ‘ahas!’ from my past year and a half are like rich cream in dark coffee, the satisfaction of a perfect meal, or possibly the warmth of a hug that lingers a moment longer than usual and in just the right way with JUST the right person.

Just FYI.

And isn’t that special!! I think SO!

Time for Bob Dylan…a classic recording….so young, so talented….and listen to those words….never more appropriate.

And as my ‘smarty pants’ biz coach extols….’survival of the fittest’, allow me to remind you (and myself) to do our push ups. Move forward ‘as if’ and one way or another, the win is in the bag.

In tribute to the innocents who lost their lives and the people who mourn their loss as we commemorate September 11 of not so long ago. Might we each initiate positive change in whatever small way we can.

BB Webb