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The Gift of Receiving! Part 2 August 6, 2009

So, in ‘Part 1’ I was about to discuss how a gift came beautifully my way.

I knew time away from my work and home was imminent. I’d muscled through, (with loving assistance…yes, a gift), many challenges in business, with learning to ask for what I want or need and was at a pausing point, ripe for a get-away, one of the many parts of my life I supremely enjoy…travel, adventure and discovery.

I know the value of taking myself away now and again.

I toyed with many options, a stay at the beach, a short visit to see dear friends in Chicago and Boston as most of my longtime, dear friends are scattered throughout the universe. A friend who lives in France happened to email me, (a response to a birthday wish I’d sent him four months earlier).

That’s fine…I encourage friends, people I love to be free to do or not do what they want with regard to our relating….

Ohhhhh, the subject of another blog, the beauty in allowing and not setting up stifling expectations or ‘stories’ about how one thing or another SHOULD play out in our lives. Frankly, that takes away the magic.
Again, another blog….that along with the difference I feel between being in a ‘relationship’, (again a terminology often laden with heaviness), to moment-to-moment relating, which to me is so much more freeing. happy_couple_passionately_kissing
Relationships on the other hand can be so fraught with expectation and stories taking away the very thing that attracted one person to the other and vice versa.

Courtship begins with relating. Relationships often sadly end with disappointment and unrealized expectation, or tragically stay, stuck and unmoving in such shrouds of misery.
Again, I wildly digress. Another day.

Back to my friend who sent me an email hello after 4 months before receiving mine: I had taken an intensive, mind and soul expanding workshop last summer in Normandy, France which this friend of mine masterfully taught. Our group was comprised of 30 Dutch people, as he too is from the Netherlands. I was the only one from the United States needing translation from my 30 new friends who so kindly did so for me. (Which I received from them).

My friend had shared that he’d just come off some whirlwind travels and teaching and in coming up for air to respond to my email, he noted how lovely it might be to visit with one another SOMEWHERE in the world this year, (we’d met at another workshop in Hawaii). He noted that he’d be in Greenland, Peru, France, Holland, California in the fall and Bali in a week.

Bali in a week! Almost jesting, I wrote back, ‘Bali, I’m about to take a vacation and have not yet decided where to go. I’d love to come visit you in Bali!’

A quick response back from my friend, ‘Come on over, (26 hour trip mind you), I’m arriving on the 11th, but come early, I’m renting a house there. A driver can pick you up and I have a woman keeping the house who cooks luscious Balinese food and cleans and who will do your laundry. Come enjoy, get away. Take a rest and we’ll visit.’

So I accepted! I allowed myself to receive this beautiful gift.

I had plenty of frequent flyer points to make my way over without coming out of pocket as I am tempering my spending as I move beyond a financially tough year. So hurrah! Good for me. I am manifesting GREAT things and allowing myself to accept the gifts opening up to me.

Bali, Bali, Bali

Bali, Bali, Bali

I even found that I’d made GREAT use of my American Express points by applying them as frequent flyer points. Kevin, a delightfully able and most service oriented AmX rep helped me determine the best use of my points. He noted that any ticket costing $600 or more would use the same 60,000 points and no more. So, my $1640.00 ticket was a STEAL. Good job BB. Thank you Kevin.

Bali, Bali, Bali

Bali, Bali, Bali

My early adult life taught me to be frugal when needed though it didn’t hamper my ability to travel or enjoy. Now, don’t get me wrong for an instant, I MUCH prefer traveling with dollars, yen, euros or rupia which I spent in Indonesia.

And how I loved that 1 million rupia was approximately $1.00. I felt so lavish and frivolous, spending my millions of rupia each and every day!

BB in Bali

BB in Bali

But, NOT having money wasn’t a huge limiter. Though, in that it is all energy, I am finding that as I pursue prosperity, in its many facets, that its energy and use is expansive and I do my best to apply it to all good.

Part 3 upcoming!!

BB Webb


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