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How you do anything is how you do everything… August 2, 2009

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And no, I’m not YET in loooooove with my new Apple Computer. I’m expecting the same results from the way I’ve for decades worked a PC. Silly goose that I am….I have to learn a NEW way and I’m being everso impatient as I want results NOW without having to navigate my learning curve.

Ever want to FIRE yourself for being the way you are? I’m here today.

My posts are more difficult to write….NOOOOO, not that I don’t have 3 thousand ideas swimming about in my head, but I’m not navigating my new mouse pad well and damn, how do I copy a You Tube link without it taking 10 minutes????….an eternity for the impatient rapscallion that I am.

Allow me to divert momentarily….I love the definition of ‘rapscallion,’ especially the ‘ill-behaved woman,’ ‘untaught girl,’ yes, me, the one who is too impertinent to patiently learn the new.

1699, alteration of rascallion (1649), a fanciful elaboration of rascal (q.v.). It is the parallel term of now-extinct rampallion (1593), from M.E. ramp (n.) “ill-behaved woman” (c.1450), which is probably connected to the definition of romp in Johnson’s Dictionary (1755) as “a rude, awkward, boisterous, untaught girl.

I’ll get it soon, despite myself, then soon be echoing the delights of all things Apple. I’m sooo predicable!

Ever notice too….that if you’re a wily procrastinator at home, you’re probably are a wily procrastinator at work???

I have a predisposition for observing folks… yes… my own behaviors as well. I’m fascinated by all I see, surprised often, disappointed, yes,

I’m trying to not have expectations, my friend 2Lu assures me I’ll be much happier that way. My response to my well meaning pal, ‘hmmmmmmmm?’

I’m entertained for sure and genuinely intrigued. (Not to mention the fodder for GREAT stories I get to write)! I find human beings an interesting lot.

I’m committed to growth so consequently, to not garner the ‘same ol same ol’ tepid results in my life, I must frequently will change within myself…and some of that willing is more arduous than I might express or admit. Good Lord is THAT true, because…


So, if I’m rallying forth some new initiative at work, ‘we all need to be on time and have our desks neat and orderly AND have our ‘to do’ and ‘goal’ lists ship-shape, get back with our customers in a measured time-frame, with results accounted for at week’s end.’ damn if I don’t need to be an example of the same.

I just finished a book which served as a lovely, albiet humbling, (I’m humbled daily), mirror to my own shortcomings and growth forward. It was given to me by a successful entrepreneur, who has ‘been there.’ (I so appreciate hearing the journeys of other entrepreneurs, making my own fertile landscape all the more so).

The book is entitled, The Five Temptations of a CEO, by Partick Lencioni. You can bet I’ve demonstrated EACH temptation.

Through an allegory of sorts, the CEO and main character is met by a wise and inauspicious character, seeming indigent, on a train. It seems this ‘indigent’ has loads of useful information for this struggling CEO.

As they outlined the 5 temptations I looked to my past 7 years in business, a newbie really to the challenge I’d taken on.

1. Have I leaned toward popularity and consensus as a boss over results driven action….asking folks to do the ‘hard stuff,’ making people accountable…..YEEEEEESSSS…..
2. Have I become too friendly with employees in an effort to garner ego support and harmony…YEEEESSSS…..
3. Have I looked toward my own desires and growth before assuring the correct measures were in place in my company with oustanding results, imminent, well dagumit…….. yep, that’ll be me, and, I COULD go on!

The wonderful things is,


And well, I’m doing that too. And it’s exciting to watch change begin as I become aware of how I do what I do.

There will no doubt be much more on this topic to come…but for now, I’m off to try something new.

How to rally a new outlook on folding laundry which I unequivocally HATE to do.


I WILL however, find a way, to change all that….you can be MOST assured! And yes, then there are those Apple computer classes I signed up for!

Now go hug yourself for being so perfectly human!

BB Webb


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