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Opaque, obtuse, transparent July 24, 2009

I’m playing with words tonight. They can be such imposters, such posers, sneaky little devils!

Ever have a thought in your head and a word just appears….KAPOW!! You may not be completely familiar with its meaning, might not use it frequently, though there it is…as fragrant as lemon zest….but watch out….it might portend more than you suppose.

The English language and the way people speak intrigues me. Most people don’t have a rigorous command of language, (or maybe not where I live anyway)…so I relish repartee, witty banter, even an ass who can cleverly debate. I become mesmerized in how their mind puts words and thoughts together, AND what might really be the intent or meaning BEHIND the words.

I have a friend who can swing out a litany of insults faster than a fly on you-know-what. I’m not adept in that way….my litanies run in different directions. But I’m impressed and mesmerized with her alacrity, her poise when hurling her objective and her neat ability to have words collaborating in such order and with such profound intention. In short, it’s ‘way cool.’

I’ve recently been exposed in a new way to the word transparency. I like this word.

transparent–adjective 1. having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen.
2. something transparent, esp. a picture, design, or the like on glass or some translucent substance, made visible by light shining through from behind.

I like especially this part: ‘made visible by light shining through from behind.’ Being a junkie for the truth, I’m drawn to this idea….shining light, making conscious and real something.

In contrast, the word ‘obtuse’ seems to be filling my mind lately.

ob⋅tuse  /əbˈtus, -ˈtyus/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [uhb-toos, -tyoos] –adjective 1. not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.
2. not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.
3. (of a leaf, petal, etc.) rounded at the extremity.
4. indistinctly felt or perceived, as pain or sound.

And then ‘opaque’ seems to be ringing in my ears this week…

o⋅paque  /oʊˈpeɪk/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [oh-peyk] Use –adjective 1. not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.
2. not transmitting radiation, sound, heat, etc.
3. not shining or bright; dark; dull.
4. hard to understand; not clear or lucid; obscure: The problem remains opaque despite explanations. 5. dull, stupid, or unintelligent.

I’m not sure why these words are swimming in my head lately. Certain life lessons are appearing in my world lately as ‘obtuse transparencies,’ (uh oh…I’m losing some of you….I can feel it! Ha! Time to add a pretty picture! Fortunately my blog is not required reading!)….by that…something that is not yet readily clear.

And so it goes with things just becoming conscious in our brains. I might add then that they are opaque, though, adding ‘obtuse’ to ‘transparency’ seems more fitting. It’s got more potential, and I’m all for that!

I endeavor to be ‘selectively transparent’ though am not as seasoned at the ‘selectively’ part. I’m not very good at hiding, though I know it’s a good protective measure and certainly needed in aspects of life.

And so, a lemon sometimes is really a lime or vice versa. And that’s okay…we’re all molting, we’re all I feel working toward our own self actualization, maybe. Maybe ‘all’ is too generous. Some. It can indeed get confusing at times.

That’s when I beckon grace into my life. An important word, and important concept. Perhaps ‘gracious’ is more appropriate.

The process is obtuse, at best.

limeAnd damn, I guess when it becomes REALLY cumbersome, we can just make limeade out of lemons! Or vice versa.

Words! Being Human……all rather marvelous and mystifying. It keeps me up a night when I really SHOULD be sleeping!

BB Webb


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