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Be the Change. July 23, 2009

In talking with a close and very dear friend of mine today, who is quietly, (always her way….God she inspires me), quietly battling cancer, I was drawn to a sentence I read in a new book I’m reading about spirit guides….(I read a broad range of material).

‘Our healing lies with the choices we make each moment, each day.’

Our fears usually reside with a memory of something unpleasant from our past, or a projection of something potentially uncomfortable in our future.

But truly, I believe our healing not only happens IN the moment, but that it can happen almost instantaneously, if we believe it can. In the moment is where all the action is….it’s where ALL of life is. Not in yesterday, not tomorrow certainly.

I love that thought. We only have this moment, then this one, then the next, the next and the next. Just here, just now.

How often am I waaaay ahead in my future….projecting forward, (I have an avid imagination)….or I’m hanging on some memory.

When in the moment, our unique and individual powers are mind blowing….and what an apt term….yes, if we blow AWAY the mind we can touch into our power…..which is BEYOND mind. Difficult perhaps for our small human brains to embrace…..certainly challenging to mine.

I feel great love and compassion for this friend. I have my own challenges in moving beyond my own self imposed limiting beliefs and past yucky experiences. Transformation, molting, physically, emotionally, spiritually, well, it is a process. Frankly, I feel that’s what we landed on earth to learn. The goal, maybe is becoming our best selves.

With that, I am thinking of new choices for my friend to assist her in her physical, mental and spiritual healing. I want to be part of the solution for her and I know for certain it’ll require tenacity on my part as she is ‘wicked stubborn’ as they might say in Maine. She hasn’t yet seen the side of me that is waaaaay more WICKED subborn than she is. She’s in for a surprise. I don’t take my friendships or my commitments lightly.

And, I think of yet another friend who I suspect is initiating, in his own quiet way, his own destiny and healing. I can feel his cells exploding and reforming to manifest new things for himself. And he will, possibly all by himself, for as with my other friend, he is mighty, willful and strong. (though I think he is MUCH smarter than that and will wisely garner support). Maybe he’ll accept my help, I’m not sure. In the meantime I’ll send him love as well.

We need each other to manifest our greatest selves. Of this I am certain. Alone has its limitations. I know. I know this very well.

I sincerely hope my friends will consider my assistance, in whatever way will serve them best. I have a lot to offer them.

And honestly, I know for sure, without their love and care, I’d be so, so much less.

And as you might have suspected….a song has come to mind.
Corey Smith, ‘Be the Change.’

(my friend Lee Davis produces Corey’s music (and rocks on the keyboard)….goodness I have talented friends…they are such fun to brag on).

BB Webb


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