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Would you date yourself? & other musings around love. July 20, 2009

Well okay….I promised a treatise on love and “would you really want to date yourself,’ (see below from earlier last evening).

Though suddenly I’m not in the mood. Only enough to say…love lives in the ‘big picture’ and it need have no definition. It’s a vibe which needs no boundaries, just space ‘to be,’ to grow if it feels like it. That sort of love doesn’t live much in our culture nor am I that sure I can embrace it as fully, in that way, as I might like, or, in how I can embrace the ‘thought’ of it all.

Love need have no bounds. And oh how easy it might be to love then….with an openness and with our first loving commitment to guess who…..ourselves. How much more then might we share with others instead of always wanting mine, mine, mine. Or, ‘give me what I can’t give to myself.’

Not as cupidy as you might have hoped, huh!

My sole mission, or ‘soul’ mission in life then is….to become more loving. I endeavor the same (with mixed results) each and every day of my little ole human life.

I have a lot to keep me busy! BB Webb

Would you want to date yourself??

Would you want to date yourself??

(Photo by Sarah Eubanks Photography)

Well would you? And why?? What makes you date-able, adorable, likeable, ask-out-able? Would you be attracted to yourself if you met on a first date? Are you loveable? Would you make a commitment to yourself and what KIND of commitment….best buds, lovers, pals for life….??

Just curious?

More coming….stay tuned.

Curiously yours,

BB Webb


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