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Can’t We All Just Get Along??? July 17, 2009

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'Getting Along' at Chow Time!

'Getting Along' at Chow Time!

I’ve mentioned the menagerie of animals I house and lovingly care for in earlier posts. They’re, (I think), a rather unique (and most precious) crew. I’ve raised all but one since they were newborns or teeny babies…bottle feeding some. (Bonnie, my Mama dog, was a stray I took in who in three days graced my household with 6 puppies).

I’ve guided their growth and behaviors. I wish I’d been a bit more stern in some areas, i.e., Bert not jumping on me when he’s excited about going out or in….be generally they are all well mannered with lovely big, BIG hearts.  And they adore me….and of course that feels extra fine.

I have taught them all to ‘get along.’ And, it works, most of the time.

There was an incident when one kitty, Annie, was a kitten. She’d gotten into Ernie’s (big yellow dog) bowl, (Ernie loves his chow), and no, that was not pretty…leaving Annie with a squeak instead of a meow, all kitty ‘character building’ no doubt.

And, the brother dogs do on occasion have ‘knock-down-drag-out’ bloody, battles, BUT they aren’t happy about it and it usually takes a full day or day and a half for them to get over it, their little heads hung low, feeling sullen and depressed. (It’s true). I play nurse and minister care to their wounds and talk to them in firm and loving tones to NOT do that again….’Boys!!’ They listen.

But they are boys…and well you know the saying…boys will be…..yeah. (I grew up with dozens of them, I know).

But they all know, on no uncertain terms, that the 6 of them MUST get along or they are in BIG trouble with the Alpha Mom in the house, (that’ll be me).

It Feels Soooo Good To Get Along!

It Feels Soooo Good To Get Along!

The cats grew up with dogs and they tend to wag their tails and when it’s ‘walk in the fields’ time, well, I’m like the Pied Piper with 3 dogs darting here and there and 3 kitties pulling up behind.

And yes, there are arguments, there are scuffles and I too can become grumpy as well, but we have an agreement…we work to get along at all costs.

It’s better that way. I’m not leaving nor are they and if every one can thrive under my roof…terrific.

If not, there is always the doghouse outside….and NO one wants to spend the night there.

I’m all about working to get along.  It’s soooo much more fun!

BB Webb


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