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The Awwwesome, (though often misinterpreted), Power of the Internet!! July 16, 2009

Bridal Path 06 HIt seems that my beautiful event venue, (Carl House), got in the crossfire of some misinterpreted blogging under my own pen, (or rather keyboard). A frightened bride misunderstood my post, (forgive me). I’m a fairly transparent personality, compelled somehow to share the ups and downs and turnarounds in my life, with the hope that I’ll illuminate someone else’s journey.

Apparently when sharing some of the emotional ups and downs of running a thriving business, in a recent post, a precious bride misinterpreted my sharing, thinking my business was in jeopardy!! Well….nothing is further from the truth….frankly after a challenging year (whose wasn’t), of learning how to become a better leader, we’re kicking this economy in the gut and building business in new and better ways.

And yes, the ups and downs all DO feel personal to me as an owner at times, misunderstandings, sadness when people come or go from your business…either they aren’t a fit, or they retire, or move onto other opportunities. It’s challenging, but all necessary for positive growth….and that’s what we’re having.

Chef Melanie in the Kitchen Since Ms. Faye retired, (forever immortalized, I named the Mezzanine after her), Brooke Rios has come on as Director of Sales. She is out and about networking, drumming up new and different biz, along with booking all kinds of weddings into 2011. We LOVE our brides! Denise Myers our Senior Wedding Director has been with me since the beginning and I hope will retire here. And for a woman who does not like change, she has weathered through some wonderful growth here over the last 7 years. Melanie Hanke, our Executive Chef, just created some new, scrumptious kick-butt menus which our brides are LOVING. So all is well and I feel luckier than….well…than most people I know.

BB Living Life with Style And yes, I am more than the owner of Carl House, I’m probably a most peculiar woman to some….I have vast interests, write about all different kinds of things, have a background in theatre and am hell bent on creating a new PBS television show featuring extraordinary women in business. I have many irons and many fires burning…Carl House being my primary focus and love!

And next week I am talking to a man who may have interest in building a hotel on the back 28 acres I own behind Carl House. Exciting times indeed.

So dear brides, who I so appreciate and adore, rest assured, BB Webb has only BEGUN to build her empire. We hope you’ll come join in the fun. (And when you stop by, please ask for me, I’d like to meet you, give you a hug and congratulate you on whatever needs congratulating)!!

With love to you all.

BB Webb


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