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The BIG and the small. July 15, 2009

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FerretI don’t like small. I’m not attracted to ‘small.’ Small thinking, small efforts, small commitments, small dogs, ferrets or weasels. I feel like a giant around tiny people. I’m not a trinket person and prefer big earrings and bracelets that clank rather than tinkle. (However I was not an endorser of big hair in the 80s….…but then, I’ve never been particularly trendy).

It’s odd to hear me admit the above, but I know it’s true. I’m also not one who thrives on managing the details, I prefer the big picture though as my team at Carl House will tell you, I expect the details to be perfect. Fortunately I have a team who knows how to deliver!

I do however appreciate and revel in the ‘little’ things…gestures of care, compassionate deeds, thoughtful expressions, loving, mindful actions. They typically cost little or nothing and make such a difference. I endeavor to become more conscious of doing such for others. Again, an area ripe for growth in my life.

Walking I also love to move, am not good at sitting still and am happy to have my office on the third floor at Carl House….bounding up the stairs feels good.

I have a walking route that takes me about an hour to cover….up and down hills, dirt, paved, past trailors, horses, canopes of trees, and past probably a dozen dogs, all with their own barking symphonies when I pass.

Blueberry 2While starting my walk this evening, (after not enough bounding up flights of stairs today), I passed a neighbor who I only recently met. She was picking blueberries from her gorgeous bushes, ripe with fresh fruit.

‘Hey Rhonda……your garden is beautiful!’
It was….tomatoes, perfectly ordered rows of beans, peppers, flowers, radish tops and perfect small patches of lettuce.
Heaven to me.

I had every intention of a garden this year but admitted to my neighbor, who carefully plucked plump blueberries with a seasoned ease,

‘My radish, arugula and squash seeds still sit in my bowl at home.’
Rhonda laughed without turning her head, not missing a pluck.

‘Care for some blueberries BB, they’re delicious….you can eat them right off the limb.’
‘I’d LOVE some…I adore blueberries.’

(My favorite dessert is frozen blueberries with extra cold milk, icy, icy cold if you can manage it)!Blueberry

I was in heaven. Such a small and lovely gesture.

‘Please, come pick as many as you want, we’ll never eat nearly all these blueberries.’

At the end of every walk for the last week I have savored the sweeeeet nectar of a handful of blueberries, fresh off the vine….me and the magpies…. an orchestra of sweet and pleasure exploding in a cachaphony of sensation and (I’m sure all KINDS of vitamins), free for the picking.

A small gesture, and such a big prize.

A perfect example of small being big….very BIG.

It is the little, the small things which make such a big difference to me.

Thank you Rhonda!

BB Webb


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