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Waiting for God…ot…Godot July 13, 2009

I was drawn to absurdist and existentialist theatre in college. I couldn’t completely wrap my arms around it, and that was part of the beauty, some of the fascination for me. I found Beckett’s Waiting for Godot intriguing. I didn’t understand it with my mind but I did with some other part of me.

I maybe do better today. Well, especially today. And, the absolute absurdity of my constantly, ‘needing to know.’

I’m finding I know so little.

And it bothers me today.

BB Webb


2 Responses to “Waiting for God…ot…Godot”

  1. tara Says:


    I have always been amused and interested in this play as well.
    I, too, stumbled on it during my theater days @ FSU. I have referenced it in many situations where ‘the train, the Gods, the deadline, the answer, the perfection of life’ never seem to come.

    And BTW – I’m LOVING your blog.

    xo, tara

    • bbwebb Says:

      Hello Tara dear…and thank you ‘world and a girl’, girl! All that never seems to come cause I think maybe, maybe it’s ALREADY HERE….and we’re just sleeping. Funny that! Good, good, good to hear from you and I hope we might ‘hang out’ together soon, soon! xo BB

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