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My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It! July 2, 2009

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Well….a good audit of one’s business and personal world can create some alarming ‘ahas’. My business has been going through a face lift….not just botox, but surgery and the lasting effects will make her shine all the more. It hurts a little, this surgery, but oh it’ll be worth it. Not only is Carl House getting painted, my gardener planted a beautiful new array of flowers for the summer, we have some new faces to introduce, and we ALL are ‘sharpening our saws’ and goodness how we plan to dance into the future.

A quick note on expressions….’sharpening our saws,’ ‘a penny saved is a penny earned,’ ‘funnier than two frogs on a……whatever….). I rarely remember expressions correctly. I don’t know what it is….I don’t retain them well.

Years ago, while on a Vermont ski vacation with a boyfriend, I was sharing with him how the stoic elderly man standing in the small town cafe where we were breakfasting looked like an ‘Old Saltlick.’ I was promptly corrected….

‘Old Salt BB darling, Old Salt,’


Forewarned, I’ll do my best moving forward in this blog!

Back to business and personal auditing of this and that…..surprising really how funds can leak here or there if the right things aren’t being measured or carefully scrutinized. No one is EVER as concerned with your wellbeing or money as you should be.

Yep, all fodder for my upcoming tv show, (Savvy Women: Redefining Business). I’m miserable if I can’t find a way to make something challenging to move through, or just plain crappy, good in the end. I’m sure there are some things that just suck and I’d better just admit it.

You heard it here. I refuse!

Don’t get me wrong, I can get bluer and pissier than most! I was after all voted ‘most dramatic’ in highschool. Just ask my former husband if that was a deserving title!

In hindsight I think I relish the dips and peaks in my world. They’re all good reference points. One makes the other bolder. And I like bold! I like to FEEL life.

But for now, as I wind down momentarily before winding up for a night of work, I hope you’ll enjoy one of our country’s true legends and a man I admire greatly…Mr. Hank Williams Sr.!

I know of what you sing Mr. Williams. Time to pull out the puddy and gaffers tape and fix that pesky ole leaky bucket!

I hope you’re out there dancing. I will be during breaktime….but later this evening.

BB Webb


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