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Why I Prefer Animals to People June 28, 2009

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Well, to start, we speak the same language. How do I explain that. I ‘get’ them…most of the time, unless they are overly domesticated….you know, the fat yappy ones with the overly coiffed hairdos. I take care of quite a few animals…..3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 very friendly plump goldfish.  My pups, (well, 10 year old pups now), Ernie, Bert, (brothers) to their Mama, Bonnie, (who I took in as a stray 10 years ago; three days after joining my home she had 6 puppies)!

Camera Shy Bonnie, the Mama

Camera Shy Bonnie, the Mama

And no, I’m not a Sesame Street fan, just named the litter, Bert, Lily, Charlie, Susie, Ernie, etc. I knew I was going to keep Ernie.

Happy Boy Ernie

Happy Boy Ernie

Ernie was the only buckskin little boy in the litter and when calling to all of the puppies from a porch high above the yard where I kept them, he was the only one to look up when I called, ‘puppies, oooooh puppies.’ I just knew he was a ‘meant-to-be-er’ in my world. I found homes for all the rest except shy Bert who would hide under my sofa.

I decided to keep him as well and oooooh, I’m glad I did. He’s my renagade and adventure scout and athlete. He brings me gifts at every turn, stuffed animals, socks. Even if I’m gone just in the other room and return to where he is, he’ll find a gift and bring it to me, with that wide grin he has. (though he decided not to smile in this photo). He’s my boy. It’s difficult for me to see them gray…knowing they will leave this earth no doubt before me. I will be inconsolable. They’ve become my regular family. My pack.

Noble Bert

Noble Bert

I had a psychic woman once ask me, ‘do you have a dark dog, brown or black.’ I said, ‘well yes, I do, two who are brown and black.’ ‘Does one lean on you.’ I laughed out loud. ‘Why yes, my Bertie leans on me when I’m brushing my teeth or on the rare occasion when I allow him to sit with me on the sofa.’ ‘He’s absorbing negative energy from you….from ikky things that might have happened throughout the day.’ 

As I recall, he did a lot of leaning on me over the last year or so.  I’ve had a lot of ‘ikky’ energy passing through!

That reminded me of a time when I was going through one hollabaloo or another. I was feeling rather sad, out of sorts, one of those hopeless evenings we find ourselves in from time to time, (or is it just me? I doubt it). I was lying on my bed and he jumped up, (my dogs aren’t allowed on my bed) and layed totally atop my body, like a blanket. I remember feeling incredibly supported. He stayed there for about 5 minutes and then left. I’ll never forget that. He’s indeed my special boy. A fence will never confine him so I’ve given up on that. I try to corral him as best I can, as there are laws in my territory, but he is a free spirit and I relate to that. And he’s loving and I am so happy to have him in my life.

More on the others another time. There are Lester and Annie, (abandoned kitties I found in an old truck who I bottle fed back to life); Lester was named after a favorite handyman of mine, a fellow who helped me bury several pets who came and went in my life. We’d create grand ceremonies with incense and little poems I’d written honoring my lost loved ones, my dear pets. I’d adorn the mounds of dirt with flowers and dog bones or cat vittles. I’d bury my little friends in their favorite ‘blankies’ with their favorite toys. Together we’d send well wishes and prayers for safe travels into their afterlives. Les was more than a handyman, he was another one of those angels that appears momentarily in your life.

My other kitty, Wylie-Pete, Petey for short, was named after an acupuncture friend of mine…I just loved her name. I found Petey and his brother June (short for Junior), in a barbershop. (I’m a nickname person. I could find a nickname for orange. A sign of affection….’Orangy-smarngy, sweetie pie!’). (well, that is stretching it a bit).

The Tao: Lester and Petey

The Tao: Lester and Petey

June I suspect was eaten by coyotes. We have them where I live. June was an orange kitty, butterscotch really, an easy color for coyotes to spy at night. ‘Red’ was a brother to Annie and Lester and he too I suspect fell to a quick death by a coyote. Such is life in the wild….not too different from business and life in general. Survival of the fittest. Eat or be eaten.

I’m learning how impersonal it all really is. Yet, I weep with each fall. It’s just me.  I just know I’m happy to have animals in my life supporting me as I do my best to support them.  I appreciate that their sole intent is to be loving.  It’s that simple. And they sure are loving to me.  It helps at the end of a full day of human interaction. Yep, push comes to shove, I’m usually most happy in the company of four footers!

BB Webb


2 Responses to “Why I Prefer Animals to People”

  1. sandraraven Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. bbwebb Says:

    Hi Sandra! I appreciate your note. (I only just noticed your comment today). What exactly caught your interest? I wonder, as I toss these thoughts and ideas out and about to the Universe!


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