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Zydeco baby….Laissez les bon temps rouler!! June 27, 2009

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I love CJ Chenier….he’s hot! He can play the accordian like no one I’ve seen. His Daddy was the King of Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, but CJ is to me the Prince….and I go for the younger royalty!!

CJ Chenier: Zydeco Rockin Prince!

CJ Chenier: Zydeco Rockin Prince!

But truly, he is magic with an accordian. I own two accordians. I don’t play, just admire them. It’s happy music with the best beat and sound I’ve ever danced to, making it a real bonus to me!

I was walking late last evening, after 9pm with the sky still blue and scattered with remnants of orangy sun. I love to walk alone when it’s almost dark and listen to music. Last night I was playing CJ’s Daddy’s music. When it’s semi-dark I can spin and dance on the street with no one really seeing me. I can’t help myself when I get the right zydeco song. My feet just start moving and my arms spin, flutter and flap to the luscious beat of that lively, energetic sound….zydeco. It’s save me in life more than once.

I dance everyday. When I don’t I’m sullen and listless. When I am overly busy, especially with tasks and duties which don’t fulfill me, (too much of that happening in my life at the moment), I often forget to dance. I don’t know myself then. As soon as I put on a song, my body remembers, but more importantly, my soul remembers and she starts moving with the beat and any crummy mood or perspective begins to shift. My body wakes up. But something else wakes up in me as well.

I dance while putting on my makeup in the morning, while fixing my hair, while feeding my livestock. It’s part of who I am. I don’t need a partner to dance, (though that can be fun), just some music and a floor where I can spin and twirl a bit.

I learned in France last summer while I was away doing what I call my ‘expanding’ time…I learned that our mind is only a servant to our hearts and that if we move, (dance), breath and sit in quiet from time to time….we need little else. The answers are within us.

A little music and a little interview wid da Prince, da man….CJ Chenier.

Lasissez les bon temps rouler…..let the good times roll…..baaaaaaby!

BB Webb