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Trite….maybe. That’s okay by me. June 25, 2009

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You just don’t know what you don’t know til you know it.

Life takes a lot of forgiveness….of ourselves mostly. I feel that way.

Interesting to me how one day feels so fluid, easy, I handle the bumps well, am even inspired by a small ‘this’ or ‘that’ which comes my way.

The next day, ‘kaboom,’ as though a tidal wave swept me off my feet and I’m not sure I can breathe.

But I do. And sometimes a friend takes me by the hand and helps settles things down within my often reactive soul.

Other times I resort to old, crappy strategies, but in the end, it all works out, I shake off the disturbance and gather together my rather consistent world view.

Thank goodness. In the end, I am reliable to myself. I work things out.

And how is it that one day I can look in the mirror and love what I see, feel the aliveness, the promise of the next moment, even have a clear sense of who I am…. and, the next day, or hour, I wonder who in heaven’s name is staring back at me. Why does she look so dour???

I wasn’t sure who that woman in the mirror was today. She was rather bullish. ‘Pissy’ might be more appropriate. It certainly keeps things interesting!

Who's that doggie (woman) in the mirror????

Who's that doggie (woman) in the mirror????

I’ll check the mirror again before I go to bed. Maybe I’ll know her better.

Or, maybe I won’t look in the mirror. I’ll just trust what I feel and check that my feet are still at the end of my legs. That should do.

If I’m paying attention I learn something new every day. I begin to know what I didn’t know or at the minimum, sit with some new questions.

Here’s to the beauty of another day and all its possibilities.

BB Webb